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Farore.  O' Farore, Goddess of Life.  Why have you forsaken Hyrule?  Why have you forsaken my family?  Why have you forsaken me? 

                                                                                    -Sgt. Shiro the Hyrulean



It was the day of my son's birthday when I received my orders.  Orders of my service in the royal military.  As a Hylian soldier those orders should have been my pride.  My distinct pleasure.  It was an instant opportunity to serve my country and my king.  To prove myself in mortal battle and transcend the ranks of the military to become what every Hylian soldier desires to one day become.  A Royal Knight.   I would have never developed the slightest thought of rejecting those orders to serve his highness.  I was never that kind of man.  I was never that kind of soldier.  This time, however, it was different.  I had doubt.  I had uncertainty.

The world was a different place than when I first enlisted.  The royal armies of King Hyrule IV were growing unstable.  Battalion leaders were preparing soldiers from every part of Hyrule for a war unlike any other.  It was not a territorial battle or a crusade initiated by our respected sages.  It was a fight for immortality.  Not the metaphorical outcome of supreme victory, but a war for literal immortality.  ..and it was all his fault.  Ganondorf.  A grim man.  A self-proclaimed king from the lands of Gerudo.  He came one day and spoke with King Hyrule IV.  He spoke tales of wonder and everlasting riches.  Tales of a treasure hidden deep within the lands of Hylia.  A treasure that would bestow its discoverer with the power to bring life to any and all desires.  The very essence of the goddesses.  The Golden Triforce.

It wasn't long before the king deployed his Royal Guard as search parties after the sacred triangles.  Far and wide they searched.  Every village.  Every town.  The fulfillment of their purpose came only when they searched beyond royal jurisdiction.  They journeyed through Death Mountain and into the ancient caverns of a dead civilization.  The Dodongo.  The mythical prize was finally found.  King Hyrule IV was the first and only keeper of a goddess triangle.  The moment he received this treasure was the moment the world turned on itself.  Beings of every creed and race had become aware that the legends of old were true.

That their hopes for immortality could indeed become a reality.  That the key to their deepest desires could be found in a hidden treasure.  The entire world began to search for this key.  They used every possible measure to ensure the discovery of the triangles.  The final measure was war.  The Zoras fought for the rights of their seas.  The Gorons fought for the preservation of their mountains.  The Gerudo fought for the dominance of their sands.  Even the peaceful Kokiri fought for the freedom of their woods.  It was the beginning of Hylias greatest civil war and I was given orders to be a part of it.  On the day of my son's birthday. 

He was only 7 years old.  A young innocent boy with child-like desires like any other boy in Hyrule Castle Town.  He did not desire to watch me leave for war.  He did not desire to watch his mother weep with the news of troubling times.  All he wanted for his birthday was what every other boy in town wanted. A Keaton mask.  A popular figure among children his age.  I remember the look on his face when he asked me to buy one for him from the Town Market.  I also remember how tired I was from the long hours as a watchman for Kakariko.  It was almost impossible for me to make time to grant such a small request.  Then there was Link.  A courageous young man from the Kokiri Forest.  He was the boy who made my son's birthday a special one.  He was the boy who brought me the Keaton Mask.  He was my son's hero.  But where was he now?  Where was my son's hero?  Where was the world's hero?

The war was spreading.  The self-proclaimed king of Gerudo had found the second sacred triangle.  But who would find the last?  Every country embarked on the quest for the final relic of legend.  The world was now in a complete state of desperation..  ..and with desperation came an onslaught of violence.  Darkness spread throughout all the lands.  The villages of Hyrule were tainted with the blood of the innocent.  The fields of Termina were quickly becoming the resting places of fallen warriors. The walls of Hyrule Castle Town were giving in to the constant assaults from fellow Hylians who begged for refuge.

I was inside the Castle Town gates when the assaults ended.  There was a deafening sound like that of rolling thunder followed by complete silence.  The smell of burning flesh quickly consumed my nostrils.  Many of my fellow soldiers began to vomit as a direct reaction from the stench of death.  Many more vomited from the over-powering feeling of fear.  Fear of the inevitable demise that waited for us beyond the safety of our town walls.  Then the sounds of thunder returned.  Only this time it was followed by the force of a thousand earthquakes.  My vision faded to black.

My senses returned to me slowly.  First it was feeling.  I felt pain.  A horrible gut-wrenching pain.  A pain like none I ever felt before.  When my hearing returned I heard the screams of Hylian soldiers who were in the same amount of pain I was.  I heard the voices of others who softly recited their last prayers to the goddesses.  I tasted the blood that flowed from my face in a continuous river of pain.  I smelled the horrid stench of burning flesh again.  Stronger than before.  Then I saw.  I opened my eyes and saw the walls of Hyrule Castle Town turned to rubble.

I saw an uncountable amount of limb-less and decapitated soldiers scattered across the ground in a gruesome presentation of death.  I noticed that the smell of burning flesh was that of my own.  I noticed the spear that I was impaled on, protruding from my chest like a bloody beacon of paralyzing pain.  I gathered enough strength to turn my vision towards the Castle Courtyard.  My heart fell at the sight of what I found.  More death.  Death that tore at my very soul.  Mourning filled my spirit the very instant I saw the evil Ganondorf standing over the lifeless body of our beloved King Hyrule IV.  Weeping in agony by his side was our lovely Queen Zelda.  Then Ganondorf spoke.


His voice traveled with power throughout the remains of the kingdom.  But Queen Zelda refused to answer his question.  She only wept more.  Then I witness Ganondorf raise his hand towards the queen and unleash a mighty force of magical power that lit up the night sky like the sun never could.  I knew deep inside that my Queen was dead.  I tried to see past the dust when my world turned black again. 

I was awoken by the sound of a galloping horse.  A Terminan Horse from the Royal Army of King Daltus.  Mounted of her saddle was the very familiar face of the Prince of Termina.  Prince Daphnes Nohansen.  He rode away with the last remaining heir of the kingdom of Hyrule.  Princess Hylia.  As she galloped further and further from the Castle Town, I prayed to the goddesses for her safety.  For the safety of Prince Daphnes.  For the future of Hyrule.  For the..

"Cough! Ugh!" 

More blood.  Spewing from the inners of my body.  My end is near. 

"O' Farore, Goddess of life.  Please.. return.. your essence.. to Hyr..."

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