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Many decades have passed, and Hyrule is well. Ganon had not appeared since he was defeated, and the lands were prosperous. Everything was as the Hero of Time had hoped, but trouble within the hierarchy was about to end it all...

Forest Sonata – Legend of the Skull Kids

Torn was sprinting for the entrance to Kokiri Forest as the castle guards were trailing behind him. The entrance to the forest was blocked off due to the thought of the impending wars (or so any outsiders thought), and Torn jumped the bridge to enter the Lost Woods. Torn stopped running and heard no sounds of the soldiers approaching. Torn thought to himself how he would escape the Lost Woods, as no one had ever escaped after the Hero of Time vanished. Torn had left his enchanted fairy ocarina in the well at Kakariko Village, and without it had no way to escape the Lost Woods. Torn began to walk deeper into the Lost Woods, with every turn leading to a new path.

Modern legends spoke of the mythical Skull Kids turned-assassins after the defeat of Lord Ganon decades ago. When the Hero of Time left, the land of Hyrule changed, and it changed for the worst. In the Lost Woods, you wished to become a Stalfos. It was either that, or die at the hands of the murdering Skull Children. The trees rustled and shadows flew from tree to tree as Torn stopped to tie a boot lace. Torn could feel eyes watching him from all around as he slowly unsheathed his Gerudo sword and moved forward. A leaf fell on his head as the light started to fade. Torn heard no noises from the trees as he stood his ground. A rustling sound came from a bush as it crept forward, shaking violently. Torn had a sigh of relief as he thought it was nothing more than a Deku Shrub.

The bush rustled and a Deku Shrub popped out. It starred into Torn's eyes for a mere second before a dart flew from the trees and into the Deku Shrub's foliage. It shrieked and danced before falling over. It was not dead, but frozen. Frozen in a painful state, unable to move. Another dart quickly flew from the darkening tree tops as Torn jumped back and ran deeper into the forest.

The temperature began to rise as Torn kept running. Suddenly, Skull Kids surrounded Torn. The sky could not be seen, but the air was tinted orange and had a hint of sulfur. The Skull Kids appeared ready to kill, with knives made of wood looking as sharp as they were thin. Torn told the Skull Kids he wanted no trouble, and the Skull Kids did not move, neither did they make a sound. Torn pulled out a skull face from his side pocket. It was a trophy from a Stalfos he had defeated in the Kakariko Graveyard years ago. Torn held it in front of his face and when he looked through the eye holes, the Skull Kids were gone. A door had appeared in a large tree that was as red as the morning sun. It had a large circular symbol engraved on it; Torn attempted to touch the door, but it opened and the orange tinted smoke crawled out from the other side.

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