He Took Her Away

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I watch her eyes,

I watch them everyday,

And I see something happening,

That makes me kneel and pray,


Their vibrancy is waning,

Their innocence gone,

She sees that the world,

Is not a desirable one.


For myself, I don’t care,

I’ll live with what I’ve seen,

But for her, I want better,

I want her mind to be clean,


The horrid man who stole her,

And took her security away

I tell him this plainly,

“In Hell I hope you stay”.


She tells me she’s ok,

She insists there’s no way,

That she would let a monster like him,

Ruin even a second of a day,


But I know differently,

I know my sweet princess,

I can see it in her eyes—

I can see through her quiet lies.


So one day I did something I now regret greatly,

For which I don’t even see her anymore,

Except for a glance, however faintly,

The fear in her eyes for me,


It makes me want to cry,

It makes me wish heartily that that vile man would die.

She’s so frightened of me,

I’ll tell you the reason why:


I walked up to her and I grabbed her;

Held her tightly in my arms,

I told her not to worry—

Told her not to be alarmed,


She was almost afraid of my touch,

As she was anyone’s nowadays,

But I assured her this embrace,

Was not to harm, not to deface,


She shivered almost,

Her breath shaking in fear,

But I touched her softly,

Pulling her body near,


I wanted to show her that the human hand,

Could bring pleasure and joy,

Not just pain, not just damage to the land.

But she was so afraid, so repulsed by man.


Then I made a mistake,

I let my yearning and emotions escape,

And I turned her chin up to mine,

Pressing my lips to hers, giving her no warning, no time,


My heart ached for her,

All I wanted to do,

Was to show her that man,

Could bring deep pleasure too,


She shoved at me,

Her fingers forcing at my chest,

Pushing me away,

Turning and running, beginning to flee,


I should have just held her,

I was lucky enough for that,

But to kiss her so forcibly, so suddenly,

I brought horrid memories back,


She wouldn’t speak of it,

But I knew it to be true,

She was afraid of the world,

Because of what he would do,


That devil from the desert,

Had taken from my princess,

Her security,

Her sense of happiness,


I don’t think she knows,

What love is anymore,

She can’t see it,

Through all of the blood and the gore,


I felt almost sick,

She was gone, probably crying,

And I had stolen from her,

An undeserved, meaningless kiss…I felt like dying.


I had acted almost like him in that moment,

Stolen from her,

Something sacred, something golden,

But I just couldn’t hold it.


She tasted so heavenly,

I loved her so much…

I wanted to prove that my kiss, my touch,

Was different than any she had experienced before,


Different from him…different from that monster,

I wanted her because I loved her.

I would be gentle, I would be caring,

I would not harm her, I would not ever.


But she was so traumatized,

She was so scared,

She would not listen,

And I don’t think she cared,


I don’t think she cared…

She does not believe in love anymore,

She does not believe there could be something more,

She thinks lust is all there is, which she does abhor,


I miss her smile desperately,

I miss the way she looked before,

I look up to the dark gray sky,

And I feel myself beginning to cry,


I want my princess back,

I want her to love me,

I want her to be able to look into my eyes,

I want her to trust me.


That monster, that horrible monster,

He took my Zelda away from me,

Though I saved her valiantly,

Her mind he still has under lock and key,


That demon has taken my Zelda away,

No hope I see; all I can do is pray,

Please Zelda, please trust me—

Love exists—don’t run away.

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