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Chapter 3

Thirty Minutes Before

My feet slowly trudged along the dirt and grass of Hyrule Field. A breeze blew my long, black hair around, and my pants legs flapped slightly. My cold, black eyes came to rest on the walls outside of Inner Castle town. Outer Castle town was rural and unguarded.

I smirked. "Not like there's any person bad enough to attack them, though." My harsh yet beautiful voice said.

Once again, my eyes rested on the walls. An endless amount of noise spilled over them. I had heard that they had a festival today.

My stomach growled. I didn't have any money for the festival, but while people were off partying like the morons they were, I could sneak into a house and steal some food.

"Sounds good to me." I whispered to myself, and took off towards the gate.

Ten Minutes Later

A guard was positioned at the gate.

"Dang it!" I cried. Unfortunately, the guard heard me.

"Who goes there?!" He cried, raising his spear. I stepped out from the corner I was hiding behind.

"Ah...greetings, good sir!" I said holding out my hand. The guard didn't take it.

"To pass, you must have a citizen's pass or a trader's pass, or must be royalty! Show me your pass!"

"Er-" I never got a pass because I was an outcast. I wasn't even from the light world.

"Show your pass or be gone!" He cried.

"Sheesh, ya don't have to be so dramatic! I'm goin', I'm goin'!

And so I was back behind my little corner. I thought for a minute, and then remembered something about the almost all the guards. With some luck, this should work.

From The Guard's Point Of View

"Such an idiot girl." I muttered to myself. "Everyone knows you need a pass to get through."

And then a wolf jumped from around a corner.

"Grrr..." It growled dangerously.

My breathing began to escalate. "Stay calm. You have a weapon. It's just a large dog..."

The wolf barked and snapped at me.

"...YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" I ran away, screaming. I didn't care if I got demoted. Wolfs scare me.

Back To Me

"Hahaha, that was great!" I said to myself. I took a minute to look at the now unguarded wooden door.

"And now," I said, anticipating the taste of food in my mouth. "It's time to eat."

At A Villagers House, Outer Castle town

I had managed to grab quite a bit of food. I was so hungry, I gave up on stealing it and decided to make soup in the villager's house. Something about it made me uncomfortable, like I shouldn't be there, but I also should.

Finally, my pumpkin-cheese-fish soup was done, and ready to eat. I wouldn't even bother getting  bowl. I grabbed a spoon from a shelf upstairs, (the idiot decided to have it installed above his bed. What a moron!) and headed back to the kitchen. And then I, Illa Ghanti, but more commonly known as Shadow, took a sip of the first meal I'd had in a long, long, time.

I had been so preoccupied that I hadn't noticed the idiots at their cute little party had gotten real quiet. I took another warm sip of delicious soup,

And then a huge explosion blew through Inner Hyrule Castle Town.

      I lied dazed for about ten minutes, and then managed to sit up, ignoring the aches all over my body. The explosion had destroyed a lot of Outer Castle Town, and I didn't even want to think about the shape of Inner Castle Town.

I groaned and hit my head. Most people rub their head to reduce pain, but I find hitting it works better.

I opened my eyes. "Oh my various goddesses." I whispered.

The houses were utterly and completely destroyed. I mean destroyed. Like, I could see the inside of the houses without opening a door. How did I know this? Because the same thing had happened to the house I was sitting in. Chunks of the roof had fallen in, some walls were collapsed, and broken furniture lay everywhere. The whole front of the house was missing.

I looked over.

No. No, no, no, no, nononononononononono!

"NOOOOO!" I cried, kneeling beside a broken object. "NOOO! NOT THE SOUP! DEAR, NIATRA! NOT THE SOUP!"

The soup pot was lying in a bent and twisted heap, with puddles of soup all around it. A sad, sad sight.

I looked around, and something outside caught my eye. A flash of green, but a different shade than the grass. I quickly got up, and jumped down the ledge out of the house. (The ladder was gone.)

I cautiously walked over to the thing. no, it wasn't a thing, it was a person! A boy.

He was lying in a heap on the grass, with blonde hair and a green tunic, with an honest face.

He groaned, and opened his eyes. Bright, clean blue, understanding and kind and...somewhat heroic.

The boy stared into my eyes and I stared back.

"Deja vu." I whispered.

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