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There she was, her elegant gown blowing lightly in the breeze…her long, golden waterfall of hair swaying slightly along with it, perfectly framing a fair and delicate face. She looked almost goddess-like… her sparkling blue eyes met his with a slight smile as he slowly touched his hand to her cheek… He smiled back at her, his head of blond hair and long green cap also catching the light wind. The tunic he wore was the green of fields, and his body strong and battle-worn. His powerful, heavily calloused hands caressed her cheek for a moment, his fingers then slipping easily through her hair. “Zelda…” His voice was kind and assuring, yet strong like the towering mountains. “I love you…”

She looked up for a moment, frozen like the depths of the sea. His fingers slipped from her face, gliding down her arm and then sliding gently around her waist. “Link…” Her voice was soft, like the whisper of the wind that surrounded them. “I…I love you…too.” It was then he who stilled like the sea on a calm summer's day. They were silent…silent as the grave. But soon a smile formed upon his face, motioning her nearer with the light pull of his arms. She fell into his loving embrace, his fingers holding her tight as a vise yet gentle as a breeze. He met her eyes, lifting her chin to face him. She shuddered at the touch of his warm breath as it licked at her cheek, longing lips waiting but a hairs breadth away…

She felt her heartbeat quickening as gentle lips nervously pressed to her mouth…but after a moment it became as natural as the rain. He slowly and lovingly rocked her back and forth as their kiss grew ever more passionate, as a raging wildfire. Her soft moaning was inaudible to all but he as his tongue slipped softly through her tender lips. Her delicate fingers pressed firmly to his powerful chest as she began to lose herself…to lose herself in the deep sea of passion that had engulfed them. His fingers gripped her strongly, however, holding her to him as she felt herself fall away. It was Heaven…a wonderful journey into the stars…

She slowly tilted her head away after what seemed forever, her breath coming in deep gasps. She looked at him, noticing that he too had had the wind stolen from him. Her fingers clenched into a fist upon his chest, and her eyes fell to the ground. “Now…give me the Ocarina…with it, I can send you back to your own time…where you'll be happy…”

She could hear him inhale softly at her words, his fingers never leaving her. “Send me back…?” One of his hands moved to touch the frail fist that rested to his chest as he saw sparkling tears forming in her eyes. “But I…I do not wish to leave you…if you wish me happiness, than allow me to stay with you…allow me to touch you like this forever…to spend the rest of my life with you. Please, do not make me return to my childhood. In this short time…I have saved this country, I have slain many beasts, I have become more than just an outcast… and I…I've even fallen in love.”

At his words she met his eyes with a look of such sorrow that he wished he had not spoken. “Keeping you in this time…is not fathomable. You are missing seven years that everyone else has…you've missed out on your childhood.”

“Ah, but…” He let the backs of his fingers caress her cheek. “My childhood…was not something to cherish. I would rather not live it at all than return to those times…I have grown strong now, no one can stand in my way…I do not wish to become a mere whipping boy again.”

“There is no possible way …there is no way you can stay here. We have to seal the Door of Time…we may be able to obtain a little more time together with permission from the goddesses, but…” She bit her lip, nearly in tears as she moved to clench her fingers together to her chest.

“I won't leave you…we will acquire that extra time, and with it we will find a way for me to stay with you forever…” His eyes met hers with a loving smile before pulling the small blue instrument from his tunic. The sun glinted off of it beautifully as he placed it in her hand, closing his fingers about it for a moment as he noticed her tears returning. “We will find a way…please do not cry…we will…I promise you.”

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