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“Link! Link, where are you!” Her feet flew through the cold morning sand, scurrying about the campsite. She had been looking for her the young soldier for what seemed forever now. She had waited for a while in hopes that he had just gone out for something and would soon return, but after an hour or so of waiting her heart was sinking. Where could he have gone! Her hero, her savior…had he just left her there!? The breeze from across the water was cool against her body, and her dress was damp from the wet sand. She breathed the cool air quickly, her heart filling with fear…fear for her soldier…and herself, because life without him was as unfathomable to her as the depths of space. The sky was gray and cold, and it was beginning to drizzle. “Link…! Link…!” Where had he gone...he could not have simply vanished!

She fell to her knees, out of breath. “Link…” The drizzle was dampening her face, blending with the tears that fell from her cheeks. “Link, please come out right now! You're…you're frightening me!” She had convinced herself that her soldier would come running right back down onto that lonely beach at her words…that he would come and take her into his arms, his perfect voice speedily uttering words of apology for having played such a cruel prank on her…an apology that would have already been accepted before he even opened his mouth. But it was becoming more and more real to her now with every passing moment... he wasn't coming back.

She blinked away her tears, noticing what looked like a scrap of paper a few feet in front of her. She carefully picked up the damp parchment, unfolding it slowly. It…it was a letter.


It pains me to write you this, but I could not bear to look into your beautiful eyes and say these words.   I am leaving you.  I do not want you to think that it was you who has forced me to come to this decision.  The fate of this country and your entire world is at stake.  You have been forced from your home because of me. Every moment of every day we spent with a silent fear for our lives.  You were not meant to live this way, you were meant to live the life of a noble princess, not a fugitive.

It is truly odd...Our love is not the goddess's will, and yet I find myself madly in love with you.  Our lips were never meant to touch, and yet I crave their sweet taste more than the oxygen we breathe.  I could have sealed your world from the Dark Lord forever, but I foolishly let my heart prevent me from doing that--the one thing that could have saved you from all of this hardship. Why I fell so deeply in love with you, if we were not meant to be, is beyond me, but I know from the very depths of my soul that I will always long for you, and that I will love you until the end of time.  I will not tell you where it is that I will go; for fear that you will follow me. I do not know what will become of me, but at the very least, perhaps, I can undue some of the damage I've caused.

As I lye here with you tonight, I can feel you warm against my body. I can feel your fingers lying slightly curled atop my chest. I can feel your breath as it touches my neck, your beautiful face buried in my shoulder.  Your golden hair drapes over the both of us, and with my right hand I can feel it lacing through my fingers, slick and soft as silk. The sky is clear and the stars shine brightly upon us. Their light flashes radiantly off the water like a mirror, and the sand is cool and soft. There is a cool and gentle breeze coming from across the water. Occasionally the breeze licks at our bodies, and at this I might feel you snuggle closer to me.  I will miss these nights like a bird would miss its wings.

Be strong, Zelda. You know as well as I that our parting is the only way to make things right. Go back to Hyrule Castle and explain to them that you've come to your senses, and that I, realizing that I no longer had any control of you, ran away and you could not catch me. They'll believe you…and you can go back to the way your life should be. You will always have every ounce of love in my heart. The only thing I ask of you is that, maybe, when the sweet sound of the ocarina fills your ears, you'll think of me. Play for me, or sing so that I might here your heavenly voice, I'll be listening. I will miss you.

                                 My deepest love,

She inhaled slowly, shakily, tears blinding her once more. It was a long and silent moment as every ounce of hope inside of her was ripped away from her heart as if by a monster. She let the parchment fall to the ground, her situation becoming all too real to her. He had left her…he had left her out in the middle of nowhere without a cent to her name or a single person to turn to…and he had done it without a word to her face. For the first time the young woman felt something against her hero that she'd never thought possible…anger. She had pegged him as the perfect person, a person who could do no wrong and make no mistakes, who could protect her from absolutely anything and who could make anything happen…almost as a god.

The realization crushed her like a pane of glass…he was…just a normal person like everyone else. Not even Link could do the impossible…not even he could defy the goddesses will. She shouldn't have trusted him…no one would stay in a relationship that not even fate allowed. No one could change fate…no one, and he had known it all along. “He couldn't even tell me to my face!” She swatted at the sand in rage, coughing through her own tears. “I can't believe it! After all of this time…my father, Impa, they were all right about him…he just wanted to sleep with me…and that's all he wanted. I can't believe I fell for it…I can't believe I lost my virginity to that liar! He really had me believing that he would be with me forever...”

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