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Luck seemed to be on the lovers' side, however, and they quickly found a place to stay on the banks of Lake Hylia. The Zoras, at least, were nowhere to be found. They were all probably somewhere deep in the oceans, attempting to stay out of the fighting for the time being.

Zelda let the cool night air fill her lungs, throwing away her thoughts of the day as best she could as she crawled under the pile of blankets she and Link had created for themselves. The waves were splashing gently against the shore, and the stars were shining brightly in the beautiful, clear sky. She cuddled beneath the soft, crimson blanket, hugging it to herself. And so, she proceeded to wait for the young soldier she thought she was lucky enough to share a makeshift bed with.  She listened to the fire crackle, basking in the warmth it cast upon their small campsite. All there was was their blankets, their fire, and a small stack of whatever belongings they had, namely clothing.    

Then, she saw him. He emerged into the campsite with an armful of firewood, and quickly tossed it into a pile. He was in his forest green tunic, though it was loose and hanging because he had taken off his belt. His blond hair was hanging in front of his eyes.  Zelda watched his powerful fingers push it away, enthralled. They were rough and calloused, yet gentle as a snowflake. She absolutely loved his hands.

The princess watched him intently as he stretched his arms to the sky in front of the fire. He let out a deep yawn, and then blushed as he saw Zelda staring at him. He smiled, but it looked a bit odd, like it was forced. Still, it sent a shiver down her spine. “Fancy seeing you here, Scintillating,” His voice was simply magical… the absolute perfect pitch. She loved the way he spoke to her. “Am I really that fascinating?” Before she knew it he was kneeling down in the soft sand at the side of their blankets. There was a glimmer in his eyes, a glimmer that she had saw before. Immediately she felt nearly sick with nerves.

Zelda remained lying down, feeling her face grow hot as he stared down at her. “My, you're stunning.” Her stomach lurched as she felt him suddenly crawl under the blankets next to her. Without a word he took her into his arms, and Zelda's entire body shuddered. “You know, there was a time when if someone told be that I would catch the Princess of Hyrule eyeballing me, I would have told them that they were insane.” Before the princess could get out a word, his lips were upon hers. She felt her body weaken as if she were melting…but she was used to this, his kisses always left her powerless.        

She simply waited for him to finish, enjoying the sweet taste of his tongue as it explored every corner of her mouth, as it had done so many times before. But this time, Zelda felt his arm slide up her white nightgown. She felt that she had lost her ability to breathe, half from fear and half from the overwhelming fire of passion that was kindling inside her. Please no, Link…stop… She kept a calm composure, but on the inside she was almost frightened. Link wanted to have sex with her.  His fingers climbed her leg, each tender caress sending Zelda further and further into both a panic and to heaven at once. It was then that the princess felt his fingers fidget at the top of her panties, their tips beneath them just slightly. She gasped from the pleasure, breaking away from his kiss. This felt so good…but she wasn't ready.  “…L…ink.” Zelda was nearly shaking, her heart about to explode. The night air suddenly didn't seem so cool anymore… her body seemed to be radiating some kind of magical heat. Gorgeous sapphire eyes caught hers. His face was beat red, and his breathing was labored. “Make love to me, Princess Zelda. Here. Now. I can't stand it any longer…” Her heart dropped. Again, she could heel how aroused he was as he leant into her. Sex…with Link, with the Hero of Time, with the man she wasn't supposed to even make eye contact with. What was more, he would be taking her virginity--and she his. No…no, Link…

Zelda closed her eyes. She couldn't think of what to say. He wanted her--and she knew that deep inside, she wanted him. But she was scared. And why now? Why tonight, when they hadn't even a bed to lye in? She thought about declining, she knew he wouldn't proceed, no matter how much he wanted to, if she said she was uncomfortable with it in even the slightest way… but her body was begging to feel his warm, soft skin firmly against her own…she felt like she was nearly pulsating with fervor, and the mere thought of that man inside of her was enough to send her reeling. Why was she so hesitant?  “Get a hold of yourself, Zelda! This is the man who saved your life, the man you've spent almost every free moment of your life with since childhood, the man who wants to marry you! Making love to this man should not be this big of deal!” She thought to herself.    

“…Zelda…are you alright?” She felt his fingers retreat back to her shoulder, and she heard him take a deep breath. “I'm… sorry. I just…I shouldn't have...”

Zelda opened her eyes to find Link's beat red face turned away from hers. She'd made up her mind. She tried to speak, but her voice came out as a faint, shaky whisper. “Yes…”  Why was she so nervous?

“That's good.” The young man took another deep breath, trying to regain his composure. “I really am sorry…I promise, nothing like that will ever happen a~”

 Zelda took a deep breath and touched her hands to his chest, the fluffy green fabric of his tunic warm to the touch. “Link…that's not what I meant.” She felt her face growing hot, and her body tingling with both fear and excitement as she touched him.

He looked at her strangely for a moment, but his quick mind swiftly put the pieces together, and Zelda saw his breathing begin to hasten. He didn't speak, however, and by the way he looked she wasn't sure he could.

Zelda forced herself to continue speaking. “What I meant was… y-yes… t-take me, Link.” She could hardly believe her own words. She watched him close his eyes for a moment, and saw him mouth something to himself. “Are you…alright?”

He breathed out, touching his fingers to one of the princess' hands. “Yeah, I'm just coming to terms with the fact that I'm about to make love to the Princess of Hyrule, that's all.” He managed a smile, sliding his touch from her hand to his tunic. “So, I suppose you'd um…enjoy it if I…disposed of this, than?”

Zelda nodded tentatively, and watched him slowly lift his tunic over his head, tossing it as far as he could from them. They were really going to go through with it. She gazed at his sculpted chest for a moment, and felt her body beginning to tingle with excitement. The fire was dying…the darkness seemed to be enveloping them gently…shielding them from the world. She turned her head to face the cold, black sky…the stars, the moon...they were absolutely beautiful.    

“It certainly is a gorgeous night, isn't it…” The princess heard the soldier's near-whisper from beside her.

“Y…yes…it certainly is…”

He sighed, gently touching his hand to the princess' cheek. “Listen, Zelda, I know you're afraid.” The girl felt sick with embarrassment as he spoke. “I want you to enjoy this. We don't have to do this if you really don't want to--don't do it just for me. I want you to do this…because you want to, not just because I do. And don't be embarrassed, I'm nervous too.”


“It's alright.” He assured her softly, stroking her cheek.

“I do…” Her face reddened and she looked away, “want to make love to you…I want to do this…”

“Are you sure? You still look a bit worried…” It was true; Zelda was still afraid, but she felt better about it now, knowing that Link understood her feelings.

She nodded, “But won't it--” She looked at Link nervously.

“I'll be very gentle with you, I promise.” He smiled warmly at her, true understanding in his eyes. “Well then, your turn,” He inhaled, gazing at her hungrily, “or I suppose, that is my job, as well?”  He winked, sending a shiver down the girl's spine. She sat up and immediately his rough and calloused fingers gently grabbed her long, white nightgown, pulling it carefully up her body. He lingered for a moment before pulling it completely away, but once he did Zelda quickly lied back down as he tossed it next to his tunic.

The cold air felt odd as it touched her breasts, and made Zelda shiver.  When the soldier turned back to her, she watched him lick his lips. Zelda's eyes flitted to Link's hands, and she noticed that his powerful fingers were trembling just slightly. “So, Zelda, where shall we begin?” With that she felt his fingers slowly slip inside her panties beneath the covers, making her let out a moan. She froze, barely able to breathe. He slowly worked them away from her, and she wriggled a bit, helping him as best she could (which wasn't much, because her body had turned into jelly.) He sat there above the princess for a moment, creating a bit of a feeling of suspense. Oh, God…Link…if you're going to take me, do it now… His fingers slowly and lightly ran down Zelda's body, the tingling trail of warmth that they seemed to leave behind nearly unbearable. She looked at him for a moment, craving him. She inhaled shakily as he drew closer to her, lying down beside her.  She couldn't help herself…or rather she refused to deny herself any longer. She swiftly reached beneath their blankets, touching her fingers to him. Zelda watched him silently gasp, his face red as a rose. She could feel with her fingers how aroused he was. He seemed a bit surprised at the princess' advance at first, and he wasn't sure how to react. He smiled at her through his beet red face, however. “…you're…certainly eager...what a change of pace.”   

He made her jump as she felt his warm lips touch to her breast before he took her into his arms once more. He didn't say anything, he simply let his lips fall to her neck, and, after a moment, her heart stopped with sheer shock and pleasure… she felt him slip inside of her. At that moment Zelda pretty much forgot about her nerves…she simply gave into her innate instincts and learned to simply enjoy lovemaking rather than to be anxious about it.

She inhaled between each rush of pleasure. He was gentle, and moved in a soft and unbroken rhythm. She tilted her pelvis forward, and tried to match each of his thrusts. Awkward was the best word to describe it, but quickly human instinct took over and their movements became synchronized.

“Oh…Link…” Zelda's voice was shaking. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him to her with every thrust to urge him deeper.

“Well…” his breathing was heavy and his golden hair dampened with sweat, “aren't we…impatient. I…never imagined you'd be…such a demanding lover. I hope I…am even… remotely satisfying. I want you to enjoy this.”

“Perhaps I…ahh…!” She felt her body begin to lose itself, and she closed her eyes. He was so gentle.  This was heaven. Why had they waited so long for this…?

His warm breath licked at her neck, “It's… alright…my love…”

“Mm…ah…come…” She touched her fingers to his chin, “Come here…you beast…”

His sapphire eyes looked deeply into hers for a moment, a smile forming on his face that was almost a smirk. Zelda swore that the hunger and lust in his eyes looked almost insatiable. “Ah…but of cou~” She again couldn't help herself. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him to her as he spoke, muffling his words with a kiss. She could feel his wild, blond hair between her fingers as she grabbed at his body, his clean and natural scent more apparent to her now than ever. Oh, she loved every inch of him, and tonight she was going to prove it. She was weak with pleasure, but finally found the strength to force her tongue into his mouth.    

After a moment, however, he forcibly kissed her back, sending what felt like a flash of lightning throughout her body. He growled contently from deep within his throat as he kissed the princess. Zelda's  breathing was deep and labored, and she felt herself moaning with each of his thrusts. “Link--I--Oh--” There were nearly tears in her eyes.

“Shh…” His heavily calloused palm ran across her cheek. “‘It'll be heaven from here on out, I promise…”

It wasn't long after that. Link's thrusts were becoming much swifter now. Zelda couldn't think of anything, except the fact that she knew she couldn't take much more. “I~” She felt herself falling limp beneath him. Suddenly, Link let out a long groan, lying his head down next to hers. Warmth and pleasure overtook the princess' body, she moaned helplessly as she felt his warm cum flow inside of her.

Zelda inhaled deeply for several minutes before finding her strength again. She wanted more. Link was still silent and breathing deeply when she flung herself on top of him. He looked at her a bit shocked at first, but then smiled. “My…you're certainly… insatiable.” Before she knew it the young soldier was panting beneath her, allowing her to continue making love to him.   


Zelda breathed in slowly, snuggling into Link's shoulder as she felt her eyelids growing heavy. “Link…” His body was hot and sticky with sweat, contrary to the cool night air around them.

He spoke softly through a yawn, one of his arms gently around her. “…yes?”

“That was…”

“…the most utterly perfect, wonderful, and heavenly evening imaginable? I know.” He smiled.

“…exactly. I love you...Link…I love you…so much.”

“I love you, too…” His grin widened, “and I'm not just saying that because we had sex, mind you.”

Zelda smiled back at him, “I sure hope not.”

“Goodnight, temptress...” He winked, making the princess shiver. “…and hey, let's do this again sometime.”

“I agree…” She reached out beside her, trailing her fingers along Link's powerful chest. “Good night, Perfection.”

“What…? You're stealing my lines…” Zelda felt him gently take her hand from his chest and give it a soft kiss. “…and ‘perfection', I think not.” He carefully let go of her fingers, allowing them to rest atop him once more. “‘Lucky' is more like it…” He grinned, “extremely lucky.”

“Whatever you say, Link.” She spoke through a yawn, feeling his fingers beginning to stroke her hair.

“So, I'm almost afraid to ask…have you enough, err, lover's food…for one night?”

“Oh…” Zelda cuddled closer to him, moving her fingers from his chest to his face, “…maybe one more…quick kiss...a…a goodnight kiss.”

“Ah…” The young soldier's soft lips pressed to Zelda's once more, lingering only for a moment. “…happy now?”

She nodded, snuggling back into his chest. “You are…so kind…so loving…so giving…so gentle. How could any man be so utterly amazing…I wish the rest of the world could see…how wonderful you are…”

“Zelda…” She heard him speak softly as the waves, “I don't know what to say...” He sounded deeply touched and a bit…sad.

“…and do you know what the best part is…?” The princess spoke in a near-whisper.


“The fact that…that I know you'll be here with me forever.”

He was silent.

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