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“Ha! I feel like I should be at some kind of ball rather than at a lake!”

“Really? Mine's no better!”
The hero and princess soon emerged from the small groves of trees they had been using as makeshift dressing rooms, each stopping in their tracks as they caught sight of the other.
“You…” The Hero stumbled for words as he saw her. A gown of pure, silky white hung nearly to her feet, revealing a pair of soft, light-colored slippers. Her hands were covered with long, ashen evening gloves, and her golden waterfall of hair hung freely to her waist, held out of her eyes by a small crystalline tiara. “You look beautiful.”
Her sky-blue eyes quickly found the ground at his words. A blush filled her face as swiftly as lightning strikes, standing out on her fair skin like a sore thumb. But her blush wasn't the only thing that caught his attention. Lips as red as blood, as the deepest red rose…luscious, delectable…a taste as sweet as a thousand desserts…waiting, waiting for him…
“Link…” Her quiet voice was struggling to find itself as she let her eyes flit back to the swordsman. He was wearing a bright white suit, golden designs lacing its front. His blond hair was wild, stopping just below his ears. Sapphire eyes gazed upon her, loving and kind, ready to protect her from anything that might come her way. His worn fingers were covered by white gloves, and his shoes were equally ashen. He truly looked like a prince, waiting to take her away to his castle.
“Yes, Zelda?” She noticed his voice now more than she ever had. It was very, very gentle. Kind of like, she thought, the sound of the ocarina that he loved to play. Smooth and mellow, not too deep and not too high. It carried a caring and loving tone, one that soothed her to the very depths of her soul. “Zelda?”
“Oh…I…I'm sorry.” She shook her head, trying to snap herself out of it as he began to approach her.
“Don't worry…” The smile he wore bore such kindness that it made the princess shiver. “Hey…since we look like we should be at a ball of sorts, how about a dance?”
“That would be…wonderful.” Her heart felt to have skipped a beat as Link's gloved fingers took her own, sweeping her into a quick dance. Every swing, every step…they were perfect together.
It was about ten minutes later. “Ah…” The soldier grinned as Zelda let go of his hand, sliding both of her arms about his neck. He pulled her closer, slipping one of his arms about her waist and the other behind her head. They were cheek to cheek now, letting their dance become slow.
They were both out of breath, so the Princess's quiet voice was even more so than usual. “You are…quite the dancer.”
“Ha…you weren't bad yourself. I can imagine as royalty learning to dance must be a near requirement…with all of the royal banquets and balls and such…”
“Y…yes…” His warm breath licked at her ear, making her shudder and making it even more difficult for her to find her voice. “I'm kind of glad to get away from a lot of that stuff…”
He nodded, and then spoke again. “Mm…you know, I think I'd enjoy dancing with you at a royal ball.”
“W…why is that?”
“Well, don't get me wrong, any chance to even touch you is…a free ticket to Heaven, but…”
“But what?”
“Well…” She could tell that Link was grinning from ear to ear as he spoke, “I just think…that it would be kind of fun to watch every man in Hyrule stare enviously at me, daggers in their eyes…you know, wishing I'd drop dead on the spot…wishing…that they were the ones blessed with the ability to make the most beautiful and amazing woman in all of Hyrule…or even the world, melt in their arms…”
“I…thank you…” She let a shiver coarse through her as she spoke, thinking just how true that statement was. The gentle yet avid fire upon his lips always seemed to rage through her body, searching for her soul, invigorating every pore in her body until finally it found its mark…leaving her helpless…leaving her nothing to do but lie moaning in his arms, waiting for the flames to relinquish her…but at the same time wishing they would never leave.
“Fortifying?” The soldier's voice shook her from her fantasy. “…are you alright? You just kind of…drifted off there.”
“I…” She felt the blood rushing to her face, “I'm fine…”  
“Whatever you say…now,” gripping her by the shoulders, he pulled them both to the grass and leaves, so that they were lying next to each other. It was cool, the breeze gently rustling the leaves of the trees. A veil of shade was cast upon the lovers from the green treetops, and the air was crisp and clean. Deep blue, benevolent eyes gazed intently upon the princess. Fingers as powerful as the blade that they carried found there way to her fair cheek, with every gentle caress watching her pallid skin flush with color. His fingertips lingered carefully upon her blood red lips, and the princess could see the hunger in his eyes. “Where did we…leave off?”
Zelda's stomach dropped, and the nerves returned as he kissed her, rolling their body's gently so that he was on top of her.
She broke away from his kiss tentatively. “Wait…” She flushed; she didn't know what to say.
The young soldier spoke just a few centimeters from her lips. “What is it…?”
“Um… I think we should be getting back to Hara, it's got to be getting late and she might worry.”
He sighed and then smiled at her gently. “Alright.”
The princess took a gulp of the cool air as Link slowly stood, freeing her from his embrace.

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