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The King sat upon his throne in the darkened castle, staring at the wall across from him sternly.

“Sire…” His gaze broke as he heard the voice, turning slowly to look at the large oaken doors that led into his room.

“Who goes there?!” His voice was sharp and commanding.

“It…it is Impa…” The old woman spoke quietly into the room, her voice shaken off of its normal self-assured tone.

“You may enter.” The King's voice boomed, Impa then stepping cautiously into the room and approaching him.

“What brings you here, Madame? I clearly told you that you were to take my daughter to the Chamber of the Sages and watch over her.” His eyes never left the elderly woman as she knelt down in front of him.

“And so I have, your Majesty, I have taken her safely to the Chamber. I have returned with important information.”

“Well, what is it then!” The King snapped at her, Impa flinching slightly.

“I…the other Sages and I think we may have uncovered some information about your…daughter.” The King straitened, his eyes piercing her deeper. “We…”

“Out with it, Impa! What has become of my child! You said that she was safely taken to the Chamber!”

“She was…it is just…we think that we know what was going on before she became missing.” The King said nothing and simply stared, Impa hesitantly carrying on. “We think…that she has been secretly seeing the Hero of Time…” Impa began to reach into the pocket of her jumpsuit.

“What!?” The King stood quickly, making Impa jump and drop the small golden object to the floor. “That is impossible! He left this world many moons ago!”

“No, we do not think that is so…” The old woman started, shakily picking the shimmering band from the floor and holding it out to the King. “We think that he never actually closed the Door completely. He left it partially open so as to see your daughter…” He took what Impa held out to him, examining it.

“What is this? A ring?”

“Yes, I found it worn by your daughter.” Impa stood as the King gingerly turned the jewelry around in his fingers. “We believe…it to be an…engagement ring…given to her by~”

“I'll kill him! I will have him killed so horribly that not even the vultures will be able to find his remains!” Impa doubled back, nearly falling to the ground at the King's outburst as he stormed toward the door. “He seduced my daughter and plunged this entire land into war! We are doomed thanks to him! What business does he think he has… swaying my daughter into betraying the goddesses wishes!”

“Sire!” Impa gave chase to him until he stopped at the open door. “What are you doing!?” The old woman seemed frightened.

“He just wants inside of her…to contaminate the royal blood with his filth!” At the last word he threw the ring as far as he could into the ruins of Castle Town. “Mark my words: That wretched urchin will pay!”

“Sire!” Impa yelled once more at the King, meekly, though he simply ignored her and approached one of the guards.

“You…” He said through grit teeth, the soldier looking shocked and terrified, “Tell every man in the kingdom to be on the lookout for the likes of the Hero of Time! I want him back here alive, you here! Alive! I shall have him finished on my own time…”

The guard looked frozen, and Impa could tell that he was confused but too frightened to question the King's orders. “Y…yes sir!”  

A green light flashed, and the princess appeared on her knees behind the ruins of one of the buildings of Castle Town, hearing just the end of the conversation.  A sick feeling formed in the pit of her stomach and tears began welling up in her eyes, recognizing all too well who was speaking. It was as she had suspected, her father wanted her dear soldier dead.

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