Ember Part 3

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by Starr

Early in the morning, before Nabooru woke up, Ember left.

"I'll be back, and you'll be proud of me." she whispered.

With her bow slung over her shoulder, a sword that Nabooru left out, and the longshot, Ember headed for the Spirit Temple. As she walked up to the gate, the guard stopped her.

"And what do you think you're doing?"

"Umm....Nabooru sent me to..." She froze. Ember didn't think she would get this far."Go to the Spirit Temple."


The gate opened up, and Ember ran into the wasteland.

Nabooru awoke abruptly. Something was wrong. She grabbed her knife, and ran into Ember's room. The bed was neatly made, with no sign of her.

"Ember!" she called.

Nabooru ran outside, calling her name.


The guard caught her attention.

"Ember went to the Spirit Temple, my queen."


The guard opened the gate for her, and Nabooru ran after Ember.

"Oh evil witchies, come out, come out, wherever you are." Ember called into the darkness. So far all she had found was flying pots, a skulltula, and mechanical armor. As she walked, a staircase materialized in the darkness. It lead down. Reluctantly Ember followed it down. As Ember walked her steps got slower and slower. Her heart beat got faster and faster. She hadn't realized how scared she was. At last she entered the central room.


Ember heard someone cackling. The sound got closer until the two witches appeared. Ember pulled out her bow, and aimed it at Koume.

"Foolish girl, but I must congratulate you on making it this far."

Kotake chimed in. " Yes little thief, good job."

Out of rage, Ember launched an arrow at Koume.

"You think that will kill us?" Koume cackled.

"Yes we're much better than that."

Fire hurled towards Ember, but half the time she was able to dodge the attacks.

At last, it was just Ember and Koume.

"Nice work thief."

Ember stabbed her directly in the heart, killing her. She stood over their dead bodies, grinning.

"Now Nabooru will believe me."

She pried the two gems out of their heads, and stared into them. A woman about five years older stared back. With an evil grin, she looked like she didn't have a soul. Ember dropped the gems, the scooped them back up. As she picked them up, she noticed a gash in her leg. It was cut all the way to the bone. Someone else came bounding down the stairs.

"Ember!" Nabooru yelled.

Ember looked up to see Nabooru running towards her.

"My little thief!" Nabooru said, embracing her.

"Look!" Ember held out the two gems. Nabooru grinned. "How sweet." Ember grinned, the crumpled to the ground.

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