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by Starr

Nabooru groaned quietly. The warm desert sun came in through the window. Today the sun was seeing the birth of a new child. Still Nabooru wasn't intrested. She had overseen the birth of so many children, and they were all the same, girls. She yawned quietly, then looked over her shoulder. Nabooru would much rather see Ganondorf, or even Link. The mother held her new baby, smiling. The nurses were starting to panic.

The mother uttered one word, "Ember..." then her eyes closed.

"What?" Nabooru glanced at the nurses.

"She's...she's gone...." the doctor said quietly.

"The baby is your's now." one of the nurses hands Nabooru Ember.

Nabooru cradles Ember, humming a lullaby. The child opens her eyes. One was blue, the other was silver. She didn't look like any other Gerudo Nabooru had seen. Ember's hair wasn't red, it was black. She almost didn't look like a Gerudo.

* * *

As the child grew, Nabooru's fondness for her also grew. Her long black hair was braided into a ponytail, and she wore the traditional Gerudo clothes. She trained with all the other thieves, and made her own weapons. Ember didn't use the traditional spear or sword, she used a bow.

Ember watched out her window as the other thieves went out raiding. Nabooru wouldn't let her go. Today she would prove to Nabooru that she was strong. As she watched the sun rise, she noticed a horse coming in. On it was what looked like a Kokiri, but older.

"I thought they didn't grow up." She pondered out loud.

Ember jumped out of the window with her bow and ran towards the strange man on the horse. She shot an arrow at his face, just barely missing him.

"Ha! Don't think you'll get away that easy!"

Ember pulls the man off his horse and ties his hand with rope. She drags him to her home.

"Look Nabooru!" she says holding his arms up as if they were trophies.

"Oh, Link, I'm so sorry!" Nabooru takes the ropes off his arms and turns to Ember.

"Look what you did!" she yells.

"I was only trying to prove that I was strong enough."

Ember looks up, and notices that she hadn't missed him. His nose was bloody.

"Say you're sorry!"

Really Nabooru, it's fine." Link wipes his bloody nose.

"Still Ember be more careful."

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