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A Link to the Past Sequel

Earlier we posted a quote from Shigeru Miyamoto concerning a sequel to Zelda: A Link to the Past, which would be one of my most sought after games of all time; however, no concrete confirmation of the game has been given. This is not the first time Miyamoto has commented on an A Link to the Past remake or sequel so this leads us to believe that one may be announced in the near future.

I think the answer would be the same if we're talking about just porting, but I think I'd be even more interested in creating something new maybe based on, or starting from, A Link to the Past. I think it's important to bring some really new software.

A Link to the Past was released way back in the early 1990s and was a smash hit. A sequel was never announced, which has become somewhat customary for the Legend of Zelda franchise '€“ that is until Miyamoto just mentioned he would like to work on one. This is no announcement; however, but simply his most inward thoughts coming to the surface during an interview.

A Link to the Past Sequel

A Link to the Past thrived with an amazing story, gameplay mechanics, and new features that previous games had never been graced with '€“ so a sequel would have to push the boundaries of the franchise in new ways that have never before seen the light of day, just like A Link to the Past did when it debuted. We have no information about this unannounced game or what console it could potentially be created for but either the 3DS or WiiU platforms would bring a plethora of new hardware elements that would inherently show via the game.

Nintendo 3DS Version

A 3DS version of the sequel would be able to utilize the 3D aspects of the console in ways which have never been done before '€“ such as Super Mario 3D Land did when it launched. 3D, in my opinion, can create some stunning environments due to the added depth of the view; however, 3D would only take second priority over some of the other features of the console such as the power, dual screen capability, and online infrastructure amongst some other things.

The power of the Nintendo 3DS would allow Nintendo to create more sophisticated programming. What does this mean in laymen terms? Simple '€“ more sophisticated programming equals more gameplay mechanics, more advance AI, and more terrifying obstacles and enemies. What about a non-linear storyline that is seemingly changed depending on what the player does in-game? Think about how evolutionary that would be for the Legend of Zelda franchise.

The dual screens of the 3DS is nothing new to the videogame realm or to the Zelda realm for that matter as can be seen in both Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks; however, those games never really fleshed out all the possibilities of the dual screen setup. Combine 3D with the dual screens and there become many new possibilities through the use of flying items such as the Beetle from Skyward Sword or the Gale Boomerang from Twilight Princess.

Heart Piece 1

Now on to online infrastructure '€“ the Nintendo 3DS has received several updates and changes to its online capabilities through software updates since it launched a little over a year ago. We have seen the introduction of the eShop, new friends list features, and some other additions '€“ but you may be wondering how a Zelda game could take full advantage of this feature. Well, Nintendo could introduce new downloadable content for the game to create new side-quests or a slightly different story scenario. This could open up the A Link to the Past sequel to a whole new style of gaming '€“ one where the game seemingly evolves as time progresses like the real world does. New items can be introduced to the players, new dungeons can appear '€“ the possibilities will only be limited to the space of the players SD cards.

Nintendo WiiU Version

The Nintendo 3DS would be an excellent platform for an A Link to the Past sequel but what could become an even better platform would be the Nintendo WiiU due to the hardware being more powerful amongst other obvious reasons such as the tablet controller. The WiiU has not been given a release date other than the broad range of 2012; however, many rumors have surfaced pointing towards a November release. While some of the game elements of the Nintendo 3DS version would hold true if a WiiU version surfaced '€“ there are several more features that the WiiU could bring to the game through the use of the 360-degree camera, the tablet controller, and other controller combinations.

A rumor surfaced some months back about a 360-degree camera feature for the WiiU. Footage of the feature confirmed its existence '€“ but what exactly is the 360-degree camera? Well, simply put '€“ the camera would be shown on the tablet controller just like you television; however, when you move the tablet around or even face backwards away from the television '€“ the view on the tablet controller will move as if you are in the game in-person. This feature would allow for the player to quickly check for surprise attacks from behind as well as fighting several enemies at a time. The player could quickly spin around to check behind them and just as quickly resume progressing forwards.

A Link to the Past Sequel 2

On to the tablet controller '€“ which was the main piece of hardware shown off for the WiiU during E3 2011; the tablet controller opens up a lot of possibilities for a Zelda game. One that has been shown off before is moving the HUD, item screens, ect to the tablets screen to allow for an open view for the action of the game; however, this appears to not be the best use of the tablets screen in my opinion.  One option for a tablets screen would be allowing the player to search the ground for objects such as looking for certain rocks or other items '€“ but a more elaborate and interesting variation on that idea would surface if the player was riding in a boat similar to the one seen in The Wind Waker.

The player would be able to use the tablet controller to look over the side of the boat in order to locate an object they are looking for '€“ or maybe even control an underwater item of some sort '€“ and after locating the object, the player simply puts the tablet (if it is not already) on the floor so not to lose sight of what they are aiming to obtain. The player would then use the Wii-mote and nunchuck similar to a fishing pole and cast out a line and catch the object. They would then simply reel in the line. This would be a very interesting concept that could surely be elaborated upon and could add lots of enjoyment to a future Zelda title.


While no concrete evidence has surfaced regarding the existence of an A Link to the Past sequel, one can imagine such a game to push the boundaries of the Legend of Zelda franchise in ways that the original did way back when it launched on the Super Nintendo. A sequel created for either the Nintendo 3DS or WiiU would both have a lot of unique and innovative possibilities that would make for a masterpiece of a game. What we would like to know is -- are you interested in a sequel, and if so, would you rather see it on the 3DS or the WiiU?

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