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Ocarina of Time 3D came out earlier this year and received rave reviews across the board, with me even giving it a 99 out of 100, and became pretty much the best Zelda game I have ever played, but now Skyward Sword gets a crack at surpassing all expectations. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is among the best Zelda games ever created. Ocarina of Time, which is revered as the best in the series, has just met a formidable foe after more than 10 years of waiting. Skyward Sword pulls off what hardly any game ever will, it is simply a masterpiece that every fan MUST pick up and play but does it out do Ocarina of Time 3D, which became the definitive version of Ocarina of Time?

Skyward Sword

The player will first notice the graphical style that the game boasts, which are comparable to Twilight Princess but more unique in a way that only the candidate for best Zelda game ever could achieve. The graphics are simply flawless with no known defects or frame rate issues. The style of Skyward Sword has grown on me over the many hours I have spent with it over the past couple days. The player notices all the vibrant colors and objects from the second the game starts and will feel as if every blow Link takes has been aimed at themselves - adding an excitement factor that is off the charts during many moments throughout the game.

The world of Skyward Sword - being very dense and compact - has been a candidate on every fan's 'worry list' but let me shed some light on the subject for you - the world in Skyward Sword will blow you away! The game has many areas for the player to tackle and traverse throughout many hours of gameplay with each area being so dense that it takes the player hours in each just to become familiarized and accomplish the task at hand - be it finding key pieces or Kikwi tribe members. Each area holds many secrets for the player to figure out and quickly became one of the best aspects of this game by throwing the player into loops and hurdle's before hanging them out to dry after an intense combat and search session.

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Combat is a crucial part of any Zelda game and Skyward Sword takes this to whole new levels with MotionPlus controls. By moving the Wii Remote, the player will notice that Link's sword and other items - such as the Bug net - react by moving in the direction of the remote. This one aspect of Skyward Sword brings untold amounts of gameplay variety and techniques that have simply never been seen before - ANYWHERE! All of the new types of combat entice the player in striving for the next best movements or techniques necessary in order to overcome numerous challenges and hoards of foes that will certainly keep the players on the edge of their seat granted they are not already standing up from all of the gut wrenching and mind blowing fights and new enemies.

The soundtrack of Skyward Sword has become one of my favorites. Each song provides their own style and feel to the scene or action in ways that is sure to keep the player lusting for more. Most of the songs are orchestrated and this has been a big improvement over previous games in the franchise and something that surely will become standard in future installments. The orchestrated soundtrack adds another level to the gameplay and environments of Skyward Sword and every fan is sure to agree when I say that the Legend of Zelda has long deserved a fantastic arrangement of songs played by a spectacular orchestra and composed by none other than the greatest composers.

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Dungeons and temples are another staple of the franchise and Skyward Sword remains true to its roots but takes the dungeon to new heights. The debut dungeon - Skyview Temple - will forever remain branded in the fabric of my mind from all of the new types of challenges and obstacles that one must endure. All of the old puzzles have been removed - that's right, no more torch lighting or block sliding puzzles as far as I can see - and brand new concepts and puzzles have creatively riddled the game straight to the core. From tight-rope walking to swinging on vines like Tarzan, Skyward Sword does dungeons better than most Zelda games I have played.

Zelda games have long been full of collectibles and side quests, which is something that is true of Skyward Sword. There are many items to collect and there are even multiple types of items - from Item Upgrade materials to Goddess Cubes. Now one thing that holds Skyward Sword above the rest of the franchise would be the addition of the Item Upgrade and crafting system which really adds a new level of playability and allows the player full control over the types of items and gear they choose to carry for vast amounts of time. The side quests and collectibles of the game are sure to keep those players willing to tackle them intrigued, fascinated, and encapsulate for many hours.

Skyward Sword

Plot is another important factor in the Legend of Zelda franchise. Skyward Sword's plot is very interesting and has many twists that I never saw coming. It is both intriguing and fascinating. The player is sure to enjoy each and every cut scene throughout the game due to the superior quality of the tale being told - the one that reveals all. The game is sure to keep players wanting more every time they play and just like the graphical style; the story will have you on the edge of your seat or dying from suspense about what will happen right around each and every corner of the game.

While the game sports many fascinating pros, there are some very minor cons as well. The controls, which work great, take some time before the player is fully comfortable with them. You will have to recalibrate your Wii Remote if it turns off from being inactive or whenever the game feels the calibration is out of whack. Overall, the pros greatly out weight the cons and are barely even worth mentioning.

Overall Score - 100/100
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is a masterpiece and timeless classic that every fan will enjoy playing time and time again. The game features a remarkably powerful story and dungeon design that has never been encountered in a Legend of Zelda game before - meaning that Skyward Sword has proven itself as worthy of the title and crown as the BEST ZELDA GAME ever created. It is by far the best Wii game and a must have for any die hard Zelda fan or gamer in general. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword remarkably changes the Zelda model without losing the Zelda feel and has single handedly reinvented the franchise for the better and will be the pioneer of all Zelda games to come.

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