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The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes features 8 special weapons that each player can pick from when they begin a stage. Most stages have a set three weapons that each hero must pick one of, but a few stages present you with any weapon to choose. The Tri Force Heroes Items are very similar to items from other games and provide the same types of attributes and uses. Using each special item (anything other than your sword) will use up a chunk of your magic meter and cannot be used if it is empty.

Tri Force Heroes Items


The sword is the standard weapon that each hero will have in every stage. It can be used to slash things and deal damage to most enemies. It maps to a different button than special weapons and does not require the use of the magic bar.


The bow allows you to shoot arrows at enemies and object. You will have an unlimited number of arrows. They can be used to hit switches and enemies from a range. You can also use them to light torches if they pass through another fire source.


Bombs are used to deal damage to enemies and objects. They explode a few seconds after you use them, regardless if you throw the bomb or not. They can be used to hit a switch with a few second delay. They can also be used to blow up cracked rocks and walls.


The gripshot works in the same way as the hookshot, longshot, or grappling hook worked in other Zelda games. It can be used to grab onto object and pull them to you, or to pull you to a static object. Many puzzles require you to use the gripshot on a metal grate to move across a gap. You can also grapple onto another hero to pull yourself to them.


The boomerang can be used to stun enemies from a distance before damaging them with your sword or another weapon. It can also be used to hit switches and other objects. You can use it to pull another hero to you and create an instant totem.

Fire Gloves

The fire gloves allow you to shoot fireballs straight ahead. They will have a bouncing motion which can sometimes be used to hop across platforms or light multiple torches. They can be used to damage enemies, light torches, and melt ice.

Water Rod

The water rod can be used to create a pillar of water directly in front of you. This can be used to reach a higher area or bridge gaps. It can also be used to stun enemies from a short distance.

Gust Jar

The gust jar can be used to shoot a gust of wind directly in front of you. It can be used to stun enemies or kill them by pushing them off a ledge. It can also activate switches and fans. It is used in many puzzles to launch another hero over a gap.

Magic Hammer

The magic hammer can be used to squash enemies and obstacles. There are pegs and springs that can be squished with the hammer in various puzzles. You can also smash near an enemy to stun it, or directly on an enemy to deal damage.

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