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Stagnox, Armed Colossus (Forest Temple)

Part 1: In the beginning of the battle, start running left or right without stopping. After Stagnox allows you to reach it’s purple backside, use Whirlwind and repeatedly attack.

Part 2: When Stagnox starts to hover, it’ll release three spiked slug-things. Stun all on all of them with the sword, and stand in front of them, facing the beetle. When Stagnox starts to charge use Whirlwind right as you have good aim on the backside. Attack the purple backside repeatedly. After three or so of this, the battle shall end, giving you a Heart Container.

Fraaz, Master of Icy Fire (Snow Temple)

Part 1: At the start, Fraaz will charge either fire or ice. If he is charging fire, draw a line for the boomerang to hit the ice torch, then Fraaz. He will be stunned, so attack him. Do this several times.

Part 2: Soon, Fraaz will split into to two smaller versions. The top map reveals who is fire or ice (it’s useful, actually). When you get a chance, draw a line for the boomerang. If you can, try it in one line to save time (fire torch, ice Fraaz, ice torch, fire Fraaz). Do this twice or thrice to get a small in-battle cutscene showing Fraaz destroying the torches.

Part 3: This is the hardest part, as you have to take Fraaz’s leftover attack and attack his opposite half. When Fraaz charges his attack, dodge it, and wait until he switches to the other power. When he does, use the boomerang on the leftover attack, then to Fraaz. After awhile, Fraaz will split into two, and you have to do the same strategy, but quickly. Eventually, the battle will end, leaving a Heart Container.

Phytops, Barbed Menace (Ocean Temple)

Part 1: Despite that happy-look, Phytops can be really frustrating. Occasionally, you get whacked, spat on, and you may fall of the edge. The whole battle revolves around his tentacles and your whip. Take out your whip and grab one of his spikes on the tentacle and shoot it at his eye. You’ll have to get rid of the purple stuff around his eye (purple eye infection!) before you can hit it. When you hit the eye, roll to Phytops and attack his eye with your sword. Avoid his tentacles from slamming down on you.

Part 2: This is a repeat, but with those annoying secondary tentacles. Avoid those (you might be able to by standing closer to the edge), and shoot spikes at his eye-gunk, then his eye. Attack his eye several times, then it gets a bit harder. Phytops will start to rotate a bit, so grabbing the spikes gets harder. After attacking his a few more times, you win. Grab your Heart Container!

Cragma, Lava Lord (Fire Temple)

Part 1: Cragma is particularly easy if you’re a good shot. When Cragma is getting ready to attack, you should notice a glowing spot on his body. With the arrows, shoot it. After he attacks, a boulder will fall. When he next attacks, get him to smash it. Take the platform-thing to the dead lava geyser on the right, throw it on there, jump on the platform and into the cart.

Part 2: Attack all of his glowing spots while making your way up. Make attacking his hands’ glowing spot a top priority because if you don’t, he’ll swipe you off the rails. Soon, you’ll be able to attack his eye. Shoot it, and you’ll be able to attack the glowing spot on top of his head. This next part, you’ll have to be quicker, but it’s the same thing. Repeat and you’ll be the victor.


Part 1: I actually think Byrne is easier than some of the previous bosses. Avoid his laser beams and he’ll start using his over-sized gauntlet. Avoid the gauntlet and it should get stuck in the ground; get Zelda to grab and walk backwards. It should make Byrne fall; hit him with the sword a few times.

Part 2: Attack Byrne a little–three times. Soon, he’ll start attacking using a sort-of purple attack. Whilst he is charging, stand behind Zelda to have a giant shield from it. He’ll charge at Zelda and Byrne should start struggling with Zelda, so run behind him and slash at him. Like most bosses, he’ll loosen up and get quicker, so be a bit quicker. Defeated Byrne (a century of training, and some kid with a sword defeats him? Really?), get a Heart Container (I think).

Skeldritch, Ancient Demon (Sand Temple)

Part 1: Skeldritch is basically a giant hunk of metal and bones sticking out of the ground. Take note of the four switches and rock projectors. Right now, Skeldritch has two attacks: shooting boulders at you, and shooting a laser. When he shoots a boulder, block it with the Sand Wand. Try to get one rock to the rock projector. When you have a clear shot of his gray body (no rocks, no shooting rocks, etc), hit the switch and it should knock off one layer.

Part 2: After a couple of layers, you’ll notice that you can’t hit him head on. The third to last can only be hit on the right side. To do this, get a boulder in the projector, and run, so his weak spot faces the boulder. There, get the boomerang and hit the switch. It should hit him. Here, he’ll start shooting faster, stronger, red boulders, so use the Sand Wand as needed. The next one is on his back, so shoot the switch from the opposite side of the room. The last one is nearly to the left.

Part 3: This last bit is probably easier, depending. While Skeldritch is trying to eat your head off, raise him off the sand with the Sand Wand, and completely surround him with walls. Once done, he’ll be slow, so run to his gem-like back-of-the-head and attack (while on the raised sand). Repeat several times and earn a Heart Container.

Demon Train

You’re nearing the end, so be prepared for this last few battles. In this, battle, you’ll drive your train. You can have a complete set of train parts to boost your health to help. In battle, the Demon Train will continuously switch tracks, most likely driving on the track your on, so you’ll have to use the turnpikes to avoid hitting the train. He’ll also try to hit you by stopping.

Part 1: Anyways, in the beginning of the battle, you’ll have to shoot barrels to prevent them from dropping on the tracks and hitting you. The battle will go faster if you hit them while they’re in the Demon Train, not on the tracks. Next, you’ll have to hit a single laser coming from his next car. Easy. To avoid it, slow down, or stop. After shooting all four, you’ll move on to the last car. Here, several blue lasers will shoot at once. Destroy all of them and speed ahead of the train to shoot his face. If you don’t fall of the tracks, and hit him enough, you’ll cede the Demon Train. The battle is not over, yet.

Malladus, Puppet Zelda and Cole

Malladus has finally taken over Zelda’s body. You have climbed on top of the Demon Train, and cannot get off. Atop the train, your goal is to get to Malladus; and this time you have Zelda. Draw a path for Zelda to Malladus and walk behind her. Cole will try to stop you with Magical Rats (which Zelda is afraid of, so you must defeat them). If one hits Zelda, she will be controlled by Cole. To stop him, use the boomerang on the strings controlling her. If you run past Zelda, you’ll get zapped by Malladus. Otherwise, use Zelda to block his laser.

After getting close enough, the train parts will start to move side to side, meaning you have to replan your route a bit. Once you’re at Malladus, get Zelda to grab him/her. While Zelda is floating, restraining him/her, prepare a Light Arrow and carefully shoot him/her (you may hit Zelda on accident). One hit with an arrow, and the train epic is over.

Malladus, Demon King

Part 1: Finally, the last battle (well, almost). The only thing you have to do here is deflect all of the flaming boulders with your sword until Zelda charges her power completely. If she gets hit once, you’ll have to restart all over again. The last few attacks are difficult to dodge, so stand close to Zelda. His attacks vary: straight-on; veers off to the side, then bounces towards Zelda; multiple; and four at a time, where you should spin attack very close to Zelda. After she’s charged, you should have a cutscene and a Spirit Flute session to reveal a weak spot.

Part 2: Here’s the final battle. Zelda pretty much steals your Bow of Light and wants you to get to a place where she can shoot his weak spot. You’ll know when the icon at the center-bottom turns gold. You can control Zelda to position her, but it’s easier luring him away. Touch the icon when it’s gold, and you should stun him a bit. Attack his horns to chop them away. Repeat until you hack them all off, when you can shoot him one more time and rub at the screen to stab into the purple gem. Congratulations, you finished the game!

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