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The following Adventure of Link Boss Guide covers every boss in the game.

Adventure of Link Bosses


HorseheadBefore fighting him I would suggest you to use your shield spell because Horsehead holds a huge mace and will swing it constantly. Just jump and swing your sword at his head is what you got to do. If you hit him correctly you will eventually kill him.


HelmetheadWhen fighting Helmethead you will need to jump over him and use the downward thrust to take out his helmet. It will break off and float around the room shooting fireballs at you. While dodging the fireballs, continue to strike him and he will eventually be defeated.


IronknuckleThis boss is kind of tricky. He rides around on a horse and will charge at you constantly. To get him off his horse you need to jump up and downthrust onto his head. Eventually he will jump off his horse and want to fight you hand to hand. He fights just like all the other ironknuckle except he is a bit quicker and will throw swords at you. Just do as you normally would against any other ironknuckle except avoid the swords as much as possible. It only will take a few more hits and he will die.


CarockThis boss will shoot beams at you and what you will need to do is use the Reflect spell to reflect the beams back at him. Just try to stay at one of the corners and kneal down. He will eventaully take enought hits and will be defeated.


GoomaYou may want to use your shield spell while fighting this boss. He has a huge chain with a spiked ball at the end. The best way to hit him would be to run at him, jump and slash him, then jump back away from him immediately. After you hit him enough, he will be defeated.


BarbaYou should use your jump spell here to get around the lava pits. To defeat this boss though, you will need to estimate about where he will come out of the lava and jump up and slash him as many times as you can. Repeat this process a few times and he will be defeated.


ThunderbirdWhen you enter the room you should use your Thunder spell to weaken the Thunderbird. Now you may want to cast your shield, jump, and reflect spells. To defeat this boss though, you will have to jump high enough to slash his face. Do this, while avoiding fireballs, and he will be defeated.

Shadow Link

Shadow LinkNow is the time to beat the final boss. He will counter your every move. So what you must do is pick a corner of the room and stay there. You can either kneal or stand up, but you must slash your sword repeatedly to be able to hit him. Soon you should get the hang of things and then just keep attacking him and he will soon be defeated.

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