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The following was taken from one of the comic pages in our gallery:

"The comics in this book were originally serialized in Nintendo Power magazine. The first of 12 parts appeared in January 1992 (Volume 32) and the series ran through December 1992. Although the story loosely follows the plot of the Super Entertainment System game, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, some new twists and characters were added to preserve the elements of surprise and add to the dramatic flow.

The designer of the comics, Shotaro Ishinomori, is one of Japan's most famous comic book creators. He has recieved many awards for his work. Among his most popular works in Japan are "Cyborg 009" (a science fiction adventure); "Masked Rider" (science fiction) and "Hotel" (a dramatic series)."

Chapter 1 - Hero's Awakening
Chapter 2 - Wise Man's Warning
Chapter 3 - The Book of Mudora
Chapter 4 - The Master Sword
Chapter 5 - An Old Enemy
Chapter 6 - A Fool in the Shape …
Chapter 7 - Zora's Mask
Chapter 8 - Roam, The Mystery Knight
Chapter 9 - Wizrobe's Trap
Chapter 10 - To Turtle Rock… And Zelda!
Chapter 11 - Ganon's Tower
Chapter 12 - The Final Battle

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