Part 1: Saving Princess Zelda

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The story begins with our faithful Link sleeping soundly. Princess Zelda begins communicating with Link about the wizard Agahnim's plot to break the Seven Wise Men's Seal -- resurrecting the evil King Ganon in the process. Agahnim has captured Zelda and needs Link to save her from the depths of the dungeon in Hyrule Castle.

Going to Hyrule Castle

Upon waking up, Link finds his uncle with Sword and Shield in hand on his way out to an undisclosed location. Link's uncle tells him not to leave the house and then precedes to leave himself.

Finding the Lamp

As soon as you are able to control Link, go open the chest in the starting area. This chest contains the Lamp. The player will be unable to use this item until they collect some Magic Power. The Lamp is able to light torches that will prove helpful throughout the majority of the game.

Finding the Secret Passageway

Exit the house and head North until you find a river. Head West and there will be a bridge leading to Hyrule Castle. Trying to enter through the front gate proves unsuccessful and another entrance will be required. Take the path leading East from the front of Hyrule Castle. Continue following the rock trail East and then all the way North. There will be a bush that needs to be picked up. This will reveal a secret passageway leading to the front door of Hyrule Castle.

Getting the Sword and Shield

Fall down the hole created by picking up the bush. Follow the corridor to the West and you will find Link's uncle. He will mention that he told you to not leave the house. Afterwards, Link's uncle is not able to continue due to being injured. Link now recieves both the Sword and Shield. The Sword is one of the most important items in the game and comes in very handy the majority of the game.

Below you will find a video showing you how to Save Princess Zelda at the beginning of A Link to the Past.

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