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With the announcement of the Majora's Mask 3D release date yesterday alongside the reveal of the Majora's Mask New 3DS XL, we are now getting more details on the changes seen in the game. There will be a feature that allows players to set an alarm for certain characters. The fairy will alert you when the alarm sounds so that you can progress to what the purpose of the alarm was - be it a sidequest or another objective. The Clock Town Bombers Gang kids are now in different locations and the Clock Town Bank is in the main square. The Circle Pad Pro is also compatible with the game.

Be sure to check out a new official gameplay video after the break featuring Eiji Aonuma himself along with more details. Keep in mind that it is in Japanese; however, you can still see the gameplay itself...

    Bombers Notebook
  • Details completed quests
  • Shows characters you have found
  • Shows rumors you have heard
    Saving System
  • Save at Owl Statues
  • Lots of Owl Statues allowing saving in multiple locations
  • Can only save at Owl Statues
    Song of Double Time
  • Lets you pick a specific hour
  • Allows for easier on-the-go playing
    Fishing Holes
  • There are 2 fishing holes in the game
  • Each fishing hole contains 10 types of fish

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