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[UPDATED] Hyrule Warriors Version 1.2.0 Probably Will NOT Include a New Character

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UPDATED: After a better translation - it is now known that the Tweet did not include information about a new character. This does not rule out the possibility but it is unlikely.

Hyrule Warriors 8-bit Sword

It was recently Tweeted by the official Hyrule Warriors Twitter account that the version 1.2.0 patch that is launching in Japan on September 1st might include a new playable character; however, no details have been given beyond that statement. Hyrule Warriors launches in North America on September 26th and in Europe on September 19th. We will keep you updated whenever new information becomes available.

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iZelda on 8/28/2014 4:50:00 PM

Let loose the Groose!

Hitsuji on 8/28/2014 12:07:00 PM

Sorry to disappoint but there's no hint about a character being added to Monday's update unfortunately. The tweet only asks people what character would they want to see added for a later update. The possibility of a character being introduced/made playable on Monday isn't ruled out though. We can still be surprised but don't count on it too much !