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Eiji Aonuma recently spoke about how finding treasure is one of Zelda's most enjoyable elements. Well, Aonuma has now spoken about what he thinks puzzle solving in the Zelda universe is all about - "not to be too difficult or overly complicated." Aonuma goes on to say he thinks it would be better to use a "gimmick" or "trick." Be sure to check out the full quotes after the break...

It is said that one of the interesting things about "Zelda" is the "nazotoki" (nazotoki literally means "solving a puzzle or riddle"). Whenever I think "solving a puzzle", I just want it to not be too difficult or overly complicated. It would be better to use a "gimmick" or "trick". That might be better. Various gimmicks are hiding in the world of Link's adventures, so getting to discover it yourself and thinking about things such as "Can I use this?" or "I wonder if this can be used," and you also think when you see a certain reaction in the world. We love this kind of continuous discovery, and we find it very fun.

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