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Hyrule Warriors to Feature Familiar Voice Acting

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Zelda has long been a game where you here characters make short spurts of noise and the likes of Navi's, "Hey! Listen!" - but now we hear news that Hyrule Warriors will feature the same noises and voice acting from the rest of the series. Coming from the games official Japanese Twitter account:

"@strocknhayabusa: 各キャラクタは、ゼルダ本編にならったボイスアクトになっています。つまり「ヘイッ!リッスン!」な感じ。@zelda_musou ボイスはついてますか?"

Or in other words - "Each character's voice is modeled after the main series. It will have a feeling such as "Hey! Listen!" So what do you think about this? Should there be full blown voice acting like other franchises or are you fine with the familiar Zelda style?


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