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More details from Famitsu have surfaced about Hyrule Warriors including who chose the playable characters and what type of restrictions were placed on the developers. There has been a mention of a vast amount of playable characters and Eiji Aonuma played only a small part in the picking of which characters were included in the game - he mainly left the decision up to the developers. You can view quotes and other details after the break...

Eiji Aonuma mentioned how his team would get mad if asked to include as many characters in a Zelda games as can be seen in Hyrule Warriors. Players are able to change their weapons and this will change the fighting styles used throughout the battles. The developers mentioned how there will be weapon enhancement and character growth systems implemented in the game. Items are acquired in treasure chests just like in the other Zelda games.

Hyrule Warriors European Logo

It was mentioned that Tecmo-Koei doesn't stand a chance if trying to make a boss fight like Nintendo does throughout the Zelda series due to Nintendo's "high quality." They said that in Hyrule Warriors - you would power up a gauge during boss fights by fighting swarms of enemies and then unleashing a special attack on the boss. You will also be able to strategically use items during fights just like in Zelda games. Eiji Aonuma and the other developers left a final message:

Koinuma: "We plan on having Hyrule Warriors' first playable demo at E3 this year. With E3 being the opener, we'll be releasing more and more new information afterwards, so please look forward to it!"

Hayashi: "After watching the trailer that will be shown at E3, it would make us happy to know that you guys will get a better idea of what we're trying to do. We'll sequentially reveal the other playable characters, so don't miss it!"

Aonuma: "I believe it's safe to say that this title was born as one of the answers from thinking of a new The Legend of Zelda game. By all means, we'd love to have as many people possible enjoy this game."


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