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Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors

We recently reported on the Japanese launch date for Hyrule Warriors and posted a few more details about the game including the developers and certain plot points; however, we now bring to you a plethora of details regarding the game. Check them out after the break due to possible spoilers...

Package price of 7,980, DL price 6,980. Also a premium box for 11,644. All prices are in Japanese currency.

The premium box contains a Triforce shaped tabletop clock, and six serial codes for special costumes.

Two players can play simultaneously, one playing off the TV and the other playing off the game pad. During single play, the game pad is used as a sub menu.

The play style evolves with the ability to set your character with various weapons, such as the speed focused sword and damage focused heavy weapons.

The game has a weapon strengthening system and elements of character growth.

Uses the action style of Dynasty Warriors as a base, and adds the Z-targeting from the Zelda games. Skillful play makes avoiding attacks and aiming for enemy weak points simple.

The Zelda series's familiar spin attack is replaced with the Musou attack from Dynasty Warriors.

The bomb returns. It sounds as though its use isn't limited to chucking at enemies.

Impa, a newly appointed captain of the Hyrule army, is confirmed as a playable character. She uses a giant sword. 

Besides Link and Impa, the game is expected to have a number of other playable characters. Aonuma is even noted commenting on the great number of characters planned.

The game will be playable at E3.

Current development progress is 70% complete.


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