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You may remember from E3 2014 a title by the name of Captain Toad. Well, in a recent interview with director Shinya Hiratakem - it was mentioned that the concept behind Captain Toad started off with Link instead of Toad. The concept was very much the same but used Link to traverse through the diorama-like levels. They picked Link initially since he did not jump - that is why they did not pick the Mario universe; however, the idea was shot down as being part of the Zelda universe during the same meeting it was shown.

Shigeru Miyamoto liked the idea and thought it had potential. The concept originally ended up as a mini-game in Super Mario 3D Land and was later expanded into a full blown game now known as Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. They picked Toad as the star because he wore a backpack during Super Mario Galaxy. They concluded that the backpack meant Toad would be unable to jump so they had their star. So that is the origins of Captain Toad; however, what would you think if it had turned out to be a Zelda game instead?

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