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The Wind Waker HD Iwata Asks

Have you heard of the Zelda cycle? Well, in a recent Iwata Asks we learned about the "Zelda cycle". The Zelda Cycle is defined as negative opinions during the announcement of new Zelda games turning into positive opinions a year or several years later after the product has been released. Be sure to check out full quotes after the break...

There's a "Zelda cycle."

Yes. Bill Trinen-san12 at Nintendo of America—who always plays a big role in preparing the overseas versions of The Legend of Zelda games—always talks about the Zelda cycle.

Basically, as time progresses, negative opinions about The Legend of Zelda turn into positive ones. At first, I wasn't sure about that, but seeing the response to The Wind Waker HD, I think it may be right.

And it isn't restricted to The Wind Waker. Every time a new Zelda title comes out, there's no shortage of negative opinions, but a year or two later, people are revising their opinions, and its reputation goes up.

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