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Symphony of the Goddesses Quest 2

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses recently entered into its second season, which debuted in Atlanta, and I was able to view the show at the same venue as I saw it last year - the Greek Theatre. The show took place on June 12th, 2013 and was once again during my trip out to E3 to cover all the Zelda news for the site. After all the walking and reporting as usual during E3 I welcomed the idea of being able to finally relax and listen to some of my favorite Zelda tunes. So how did Season 2 of Symphony of the Goddesses fair against the first outing? Well - let me tell you a little story...

The Story Begins...

Here I am moments after being given wrong directions by Apple Maps when I finally make it to the Greek, which is as beautiful as I remembered. After a few minutes waiting to get my ticket - I am let in and take my seat in Section B along with several buddies of mine. Waiting patiently I grab a little bit of Street Pass with my 3DS since events such as these are a great way to increase Street Pass tag counts.  All of a sudden the conductor comes on stage and an intro piece begins - this is it, the Symphony of the Goddesses Season 2 has begun.

Ocarina of Time

After the intro - which was Link's Awakening followed by a little Spirit Tracks - came the first movement, Ocarina of Time. At this point I was feeling that same magic that I did last year. The visuals for the movement were great. I really enjoyed the scene shown in the image above.  The music went with the visuals in such a way that it was really enticing and thrilling - almost as if I was getting ready to do battle as the Hero of Time myself.  Swiftly transitioning to The Wind Waker has me wondering what might come next. The Wind Waker features some great revamps to the visuals and was a delight to hear since we are only months away from the release of the HD remake, which has been on my mind a lot after seeing it on the E3 floor.


Intermission sets in and off I go to stretch my legs a bit before the show rekindles. The audience is great and I find several people doing cosplay - one of which I just had to take a picture of - and even some ocarina playing as well. All of this is part of the "Zelda Experience" of which the show has engulfed me in and that which other attendees were sure to have experienced. After intermission and back to my seat when only minutes later I hear the familiar tunes of Twilight Princess in all its glory. Twilight Princess was a fantastic movement and one that I thoroughly enjoyed hearing as it is one of my more liked games of the series.

Zelda Symphony Cosplay

"A Link to the Past, A Link to the Past, A Link to the Past," I'm thinking when what becomes of the next movement but none other than A Link to the Past - being my favorite from season 1 I was delighted to see it return for season 2. A Link to the Past brought back memories of last year and was just as good as ever - bringing one of the classics into an orchestrated environment intertwined with stunning visual display created an experience that I have never seen outside of such a concert as Symphony of the Goddesses.

The End...or So We Thought!

Much like what Zelda Williams did last year, Jeron Moore and co had a few encores in store for us - the first being Majora's Mask. While I won't spoil any of the others - I will tell you they were stunning performances of some of my favorite songs from the series and I am sure you will enjoy them as well.

Zelda Symphony Conductor

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses returns with Quest 2 in all its glory and makes for a magical experience time and time again - my first being last year at the same venue during the same event. The new additions to the show were welcomed and while some of the first season's flair was missed - the show remained fresh and brought back the spirit of the first time I watched it. Symphony of the Goddesses Quest 2 rekindles the spirit of the original and was a joy to watch - I strongly recommend it to every Zelda fan and to music fans in general.

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