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Want Midna Back

Want Midna Back - an affiliate of ours - is a project dedicated to the Twilight Princess character Midna. The project seeks to revive the Midna character in a future Zelda game. Be sure to check them out and our short Q&A with them after the break...

The goal of Want Midna Back is, simply put, to persuade the folks in charge to reintroduce the Twilight Princess in a future Zelda title. How exactly they go about this is irrelevant so long as they continue to stay true to the character.

Throughout the past several years, WMB has developed its fair share of side projects, including a CD of both remixed tunes and original tracks, as well as a replica of the Mirror of Twilight. Additionally, the site has built a sense of community by serving as a hub for fans of the character. This ranges from a catalog of positive quotes from both  major and minor gaming publications, to screenshots and cut-scenes, to a laundry list of "testimonials" from fans who have discovered this site.

Although Nintendo hasn't formally acknowledged WMB, one thing that has given fans at least a modicum of hope is a quote that Eiji Aonuma made during an interview with GameInformer (albeit, this was a number of years ago): "If we hear enough voices for her to come back, how can we not?" Additionally, aside from the main trio of Link, Zelda and Ganon, Midna tends to be near the forefront of the who's-your-favorite-Zelda-character conversation online. Given how interactive -- relatively speaking -- Nintendo has been with the community since the launch of the Wii U, the Zelda team should, at the very least, be aware of the popularity that surrounds this character. Personally, I think that it's only a matter of time.

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