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Eiji Aonuma recently sat down with CVG to talk about A Link Between Worlds and the evolution of Zelda over time. One question Aonuma got asked was what he thought was the most underrated of the Zelda games - his answer, "that would be the original Wind Waker." Eiji Aonuma went on to say that he "personally didn't feel that the changes" they made were "especially dramatic" but that fans reaction was that it wasn't a "Zelda game." Be sure to check out the full quotes after the break...

Finally, you're often asked about your favourite Zelda game but I'm interested to know what you think is the most underrated Zelda? Which game in the series didn't get the response you were hoping for?

That would be the original Wind Waker. I personally didn't feel that the changes we had made were especially dramatic, but the reaction from the fans at the time was like, 'This is not a Zelda game'. I really felt that gap between how the fans saw the game and how I saw it.

So because the fans seemed to consider the changes to be so dramatic at that time, nowadays I am careful not to make such big changes.

But on the other hand I do of course want the fans to be surprised by each new Zelda game, or else it'll just get boring. I also want them to realise that there is a link between the artwork style and play style, for example; that's really important. I personally think that A Link Between Worlds does a really good job of fusing those elements, if I do say so myself, and I'd like people to play it for themselves.

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