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Luigi's Ghost Mansion Impressions

Being based on Luigi's Mansion – Luigi's Ghost Mansion for Nintendo Land was quite an enjoyable experience.  Players engaged in one of two ways – with the Wii Remote Plus in order to play as the ones trying to find the ghost or with the Wii U GamePad in order to play as the ghost trying to capture the others.

Playing as the ghost proved to be a little more challenging than playing as the ghost hunters; however, it was still really fun.  All the ghost had to do was touch one of the hunters in order to capture them but with a good team of hunters, this simple objective can be simpler said than done.

Luigi's Ghost Mansion

Being able to sense when the ghost got near helped the Wii Remote Plus players to communicate and take out the enemy.  This element brought together players and showed that Wii U was a fun multiplayer console.  Enjoyment levels rose once players were talking with each other in both a suspense and fearful atmosphere.

Luigi's Ghost Mansion Artwork

Overall, Luigi's Ghost Mansion was a very enjoyable Nintendo Land attractions and one of the highlights of my E3 2012 experience. The demo was full of both excitement as well as fear when being chased down by a ghost. This mini-game is sure to excite all and bring players together for a very suspense filled evening.

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