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Animal Crossing: Sweet Day Impressions

Nintendo Land featured various attractions at E3 2012 this year with Animal Crossing: Sweet Day being one of the more group oriented demos alongside Luigi's Ghost MansionSweet Day features up to four candy-loving animals – controlled using Wii Remotes – trying to steal 50 pieces of candy from a candy orchard being protected by two guards – controlled using the Wii U GamePad.

Animal Crossing: Sweet Day Impressions

While each controller provided a unique experience for the players, I found the Wii U GamePad controlled guards to be the most fascinating. The player has to simultaneously control two guards in an attempt to catch the candy-stealing animals three times and in order to accomplish this – the player uses each joy-stick to control a different guard, which provided very enjoyable gameplay.

The GamePad's screen displays a view of the map and widens that view as the guards get farther apart from each other allowing the player to strategically maneuver their characters in order to capture the animals. Strategy, being a personal favorite of mine, becomes quite important to Animal Crossing: Sweet Day when playing with advanced players as one mishap could cause your side the match.

Using the Wii Remote Plus to control the animals in an attempt to obtain 50 pieces of candy from the candy orchard was quite fun. The players had to communicate with one another to press switches in front of trees holding various amounts of candy. One unique element was when carrying multiple pieces of candy the animal would slow down and become a large target; however, the player was allowed to toss candy pieces in order to 'shrink' and become more versatile whilst being pursued by the guards.

Animal Crossing: Sweet Day

Animal Crossing: Sweet Day for Nintendo Land on the Wii U console was very enjoyable and utilized the new tablet controller in ways that both entertained and fascinated players. The strategic aspect of Sweet Day is sure to appeal to gamers of all ages and degree of experience. The demo shown on the E3 2012 floor impressed me personally and while I would recommend it to others, does it warrant the top spot for E3 2012's Nintendo Land showing? Check back later to find out.

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