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Takamaru's Ninja Castle Impressions

The Takamaru's Ninja Castle attraction in Nintendo Land for the Nintendo Wii U was shown on the E3 2012 show floor. The attraction features characters from an early Famicom game available only in Japan called Nazo no Murasame-jō and allows the player to use the Wii U GamePad as a launcher for ninja stars in order to take out various hoards of enemy ninja's but does it impress?

So as you can see – the attraction works simple enough with the player only having to swipe their finger across the Wii U GamePad screen in order to unleash a plethora of ninja stars with the tilt of the GamePad controlling aim. While it appeared to be no issue for the player in the video above – I personally had problems getting my ninja stars to go where I was trying to aim.

Takamaru's Ninja Castle E3 2012

Players will be able to rack up combo points by successfully taking out multiple ninjas in a row. Since I had a few issues with aiming, my combo points did not get too high. The controls seemed to be slightly problematic with a little ironing out (or practice) needed in order to be fully effective. Takamaru's Ninja Castle was one of the weaker Nintendo Land attractions shown on the E3 2012 show floor.

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