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Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest Impressions

One of many Nintendo Land attractions – Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest was demoed at E3 2012 in the Nintendo booth and first introduced during the Nintendo E3 2012 Press Conference. For starters, the demo featured three players - two using Wii remotes with the third using the Wii U GamePad. While many of the Nintendo Land attractions will support 5 players, Battle Quest only supports 4 players.

The player using the Wii U GamePad controls the Archer on-screen and aids the others by taking out flying or other inaccessible enemies as well as having to shoot two switches within a few seconds during one point. Playing as the archer was quite enjoyable and I was able to guide my group at a successful run and beat the Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest E3 2012 boss battle, which can be seen below as my friend Noah takes the foul creature out as well.

The boss battle required the use of several techniques to be able to successfully damage him – such as using the arrow to shoot the exposed portions of his upper body, which became my preferred method; however, there are other ways. Back to the Wii U GamePad controls – the player uses the built-in screen to view the playing field and aims by moving the controlling around. The suddenly down motions seen in the video above happen because the player has to aim down in order to reload arrows.

Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest Impressions

The Wii Remote users controlled the swordsmen of the game very much like the controls of Skyward Sword. At the beginning of the video below you can see the middle player moving the sword in all directions – that was me testing out the controls. The player can push B to block with the shield and A to change targets. While playing with the Wii remote was fun – I much preferred the Wii U GamePad and the archer.

The player can hold the sword above their head to charge it and then perform a Skyward Strike-type attack very similar to Skyward Sword. One piece of trivia is that the player can make their character flip forwards or backwards while performing the Skyward Strike depending on how they thrust the Wii remote. I thought this feature was actually pretty cool.

Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest Impressions

Overall, the Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest attraction in Nintendo Land was very enjoyable but would have been greatly improved if the player could control the characters movement – making it less on-rails; however, the final game could be different from the E3 2012 demo. The issue above was only minor as I quite enjoyed my time with Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest but you will have to check back later for my Best Attractions of Nintendo Land E3 2012 to see just which demo impressed me most.

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