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Poe Collector

Such a shining paragon of hope and order is Hyrule. You'd find many beings from many races who would gladly claim their steadfast adhesion to such ideals, and one would think no further into the matter, and it would be safe to assume that such an untouchable bastion of good could harbor no ill thoughts. The town marketplace could easily be referred to as the hub of true true, jovial Hyrulian good nature; what harm could possibly befall a place so utopian and secure?

On the contrary, however, anybody who enters any degree of existential quandary while charged with the task of defending such an untouchable place as Hyrule Castle could become wary of the nearly oxymoronic occupation which said person might hold. One might start to long for some salt to the boring "boiled potato" lifestyle presented by this career, and the aspect of any amount of conflict or discord might become oddly intriguing, and if allowed, unchecked, to dwell on thoughts such as these, ideals might form in one's mind, and favoring a more bleak world ever becomes more possible. Turmoil, chaos, possibly even terror would all seem just a small degree more attractive. Terror. That becomes most interesting indeed, anything that could send a more sane man reeling in the bowls of a red nightmare; perhaps something more than natural, past natural, perhaps even having become ethereal.

Deal with the King of Evil

Imagine, if you will, that the scenario explained above describes you. Take your mind into the words written for you to process, and apply them to your innermost imaginative workings and make the feelings your own. Boredom and a constant questioning of all you've come to know begin to nag at you incessantly and once "dark clouds" start to gather, and a "cold wind" blows in from the southern lands, you are in no way dissuaded from your interest in this odd change of events. You are, in essence, seeing your desires realized before your eyes.

As a man on a black horse and his personal guard are allowed on royal decree to ride through the marketplace, past your pathetic storage room of a post, you see his intent in his eyes, and you know that perhaps there is hope that your dull and meaningless life may in fact soon gather an amount of interest great enough to distract you. In his dealings with the king, you see him and his woman warriors more often and in greater number until one day, with fire and rain the city falls in an ambush that all but completely wipes your race from the map.

You are able to escape, and after some months the castle is torn asunder and a new, higher, sharper tower is erected, and you know that if you are to truly follow your desires, you need look no further than this new fortress. After a harrowing and truly terrifying witnessing of the annexation of Kakariko Village, you muster the courage to approach this great and terrible new King, and you pledge yourself to him, and like a rich man who pities the beggar, he offers you a duty; one that, after explaining your ideals to your new lord, would indeed keep your bleak interests entertained, and his soldiers safe from attack that may or may not have a matched defense. You are essentially conscripted as the soul member of a task force dedicated to the control of Poes, who greatly terrify your new allies. Before, however, he allows you to go about your business, he places a curse on you. He robs you of your mortal soul, thus granting you necromancy for leverage with your new undead enemies, and in doing so disfigures you past human tolerance, forcing you to conceal yourself beneath a shroud.

Poe Collector

With a new purpose in life, you take it upon yourself to track and enslave Poes throughout Hyrule, but at no small cost. The task is a bleak one, and in no small part is nothing short of horrendously physically demanding. Poor diet and a lack of medical attention leaves you to age at the furious mercy of nature, and in a few short years, your body is nigh broken. Perhaps doing your job, and possibly staying alive, may in fact become quite the challenge.

Soon you feel that you may abandon hope, and that maybe your life was as empty as you once thought, but such imaginings are trounced with the arrival of a strong young warrior who, without notice enters your chamber asking about the lost princess. After some trivial conversation, you find that perhaps this young one may be of use. In your years of searching and investigating, you have amassed a hoard of wealth that you may or may not have been entitled to in the first place and your decision is finalized. You realize that given an agreement of payment, that you could enlist the help of this young man, and that he would indeed be able to keep your collection of rogue souls well fed, and in turn keep the King happy and thus preserve your own life.

This made clear, a new day has dawned for you, or more accurately, a new day is now possible. Your ability to keep and imprison the dead won't be spoiled, and you can finally be at peace in your new world, a world with troubles, and you hope against hope...that it can only get worse.

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