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In case you do not know, I have been playing through our press copy of Ocarina of Time 3D over the past several days. While this is not a game review, it is merely an initial impression of the game. Several aspects of the game that deserve mentioning are: the revamped graphics, 3D effects, and gameplay mechanics.

Revamped Graphics
The original Ocarina of Time had great graphics for its time, the 3DS remake has had a graphical overhaul. All textures are now smoother and more realistic. One example can be seen in my Dodongo comparison.

3D Effects
The 3D effects add another dimension to the game. This makes running through Hyrule more realistic. I turned off the 3D completely in order to get a good comparison and all I can say is that there is no comparison. The game was obviously designed to look and feel better with the 3D turned on. It is truly a sight to see for sure. One last note about the 3D is to watch out for the leaves falling off the Deku Tree because they just might hit you in the face.

Gameplay Mechanics
Ocarina of Time 3D has new and improved gameplay mechanics. The touch screen controls are just superb overall. They add a layer to the game that simple analog controls have yet to do in my opinion. While you still control Link with analog controls (via the circle pad), the added touch screen capabilities of the 3DS really make the game feel alive. The gyroscopic sensor that controls the slingshot, boomerang, and other weapons is not only accurate but more efficient then the analog counterpart. You can easily go from running towards an enemy to taking him out with the boomerang.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D provides many new improvements over the original. One question you might have is whether or not it is worth purchasing? While I am restricted to what I can and cannot say, I can, however, tell you that this game is definitely worth picking up. With all the preorder bonuses floating around to the different regions, one could go as far as to say it is worth a preorder. We have plenty of Ocarina of Time 3D content coming your way and check back on June 17th at 10AM PT for our full review of the game.

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