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Eiji Aonuma has recently brought up the topic of whether Zelda should be in a game of her own or not, which can been seen by the quote below:

The way we present Zelda is always a topic when we think about creating a game. Normally she would be kidnapped and someone would save her in the end. But this time (with Skyward Sword) we decided to give Zelda more personality and provide more information about her. Of course, in presenting the character in more detail, it can be questioned whether or not she should have her own game. Perhaps it is an idea we can think about in the future, but for now I do not know.

This would be an interesting idea. Zelda has not been the star in any first-party titles but some of you may remember the third-party CD-I adventure -- Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon -- that Zelda was the star. So we beg to ask -- do you think that Zelda should star in a game of her own?


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