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Staff List

Autydi - Webmaster of Link's Hideaway. King of Games.

Larke12 - The un-offical Co-Webmaster/Graphic Artist/Podcast Producer/Podcast Co-Host/Editor/Article Writer and whatever else we can dig up for him. Co-host of Two Idiots Are Better Than One.

Winter - Chat Support and Content Creator. Also known as winterkid09.

Reposiric - Original Article Writer, the better of the two Chris'.

Goron_Elder - Social Media Manager for our Facebook & Google+ pages, as well as our code-less music post-y.

Multileafe - Content Writer from another time-line.

Chrisw265 - Former Walkthrough Writer, he is currently our Content/Original Article Writer/Video Editor and the laziest Podcast Co-Host we have. Co-host of Two Idiots Are Better Than One.



Inactive Staff:

Andras - Original Article Writer

Ckw100 - News Manager

Hayjacob - Content Manager; Content Writer

Hellfire - Content Writer; Graphics Artist

King Zora - Staff Manager; Content Writer

LinkxZelda - Fan Works Writer

Malon - Content Writer

Ruto - The young otaku Fan Art Drawer, she is the life and party of Link's Hideaway. Currently on hiatus.

Synergy - Content Writer

Wolf - Content Writer

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