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Circle of Saviors Screenshot

E3 2017 is done and over with, but coverage from the event is likely to continue for a while with all of the interviews and presentations that happen behind closed doors. Our sister site, Concealed Gaming, had the chance to try out Circle of Saviors at the show.

The game presenters revealed their inspirations behind some of the aspects of the game. The grass seen in the screenshot above was inspired by Breath of the Wild. How did this come about? Well, the developers originally had a plain boring ground in their game.

They were playing Zelda one day and noticed how beautiful the environments were and that their own was ugly. So they spruced up Circle of Saviors to include a more vibrant environment, specifically the grass.

The game developers also thought about being able to cut the grass, but that is what the idea was, a thought. It was never implemented and, to be honest, it did not really jive with the flow of the game demo that I was actually able to play at E3 2017.

There are a host of other developers that have been inspired by Breath of the Wild and we are sure there will be many more. So what do you think about this latest one?


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