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Update 2/7/2017 7:54PM: We have been able to confirm the story via a source with access to the digital edition of the March 2017 Game Informer magazine. The snippet from the magazine is posted below:

Game Informer Snippet

Original Story:

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Breath of the Wild launches in just a few weeks and fans have been trying to figure out where in the timeline it resides. Eiji Aonuma confirmed to Game Informer that Breath of the Wild takes place after Ocarina of Time 3D. He went on to talk about a few more details regarding the game...

Editor Note: The following may or may not contain spoilers.

Because we wanted to redefine the whole process, I didn’t want to be chained up by the idea that we had to think about the past titles. But then again, I know there are a lot of fans who are interested, and who are knowledgeable in the Zelda franchise and the history. So by adding little elements here and there, we wanted to give the fans the opportunity to say, ‘Oh, I saw this. Maybe this is how it expands the story,’ or give little hints here and there.

I don’t want to get too deep into it, but I do want you to know that Zelda does have a lot of emotions and expressions, and for the trailer we chose one that was very extreme. Once you start playing Breath of the Wild, I want you to explore and see these different sides of Zelda, different emotions that she evokes.

Especially if they are heading toward the goal a little too quickly, then maybe they may miss these things – like Zelda getting mad at you. But if you walk around in the world and if you encounter different environments and elements, then these are things you will probably experience." Finally, Aonuma once again hinted at Breath of the Wild featuring a mechanic that he's been looking to utilize for over 20 years now.

In order to create more of a cohesive storyline, we added this element in there that will make it a bit more streamlined for every player. This is something I can’t reveal right now, but when you play you will find out. This idea that I am talking about is actually something I came up with when I first started developing the games. I have been harvesting this idea for 20-plus years.

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