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Brief Evolution of the Wolf Link amiibo

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Evolution of the Wolf Link amiibo

While looking through my pictures from E3 2016 - I noticed the display above. It shows off some of the stages that the Wolf Link amiibo took throughout development from the prototype up to the final product. For those who are unable to see in the picture - you got the digital print prototype, casted mold maquette, test sample, final without paint, and the final product ordered from left to right. You can see subtle changes from one to the next with some stages showing much more significant detail. This was an interesting display that gives some insight into the process of developing an amiibo figurine prior to launching it out to the open market.

Twilight Princess HD launched with the Wolf Link amiibo and it will have support in the upcoming Breath of the Wild as well. Be sure to check back for more updates soon!

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