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In a recent interview with Game Informer, Tri Force Heroes director Hiromasa Shikata spoke about a few details regarding the game. It takes place in a world that is not Hyrule and they have not placed it within the Zelda timeline yet. There will not be the ability to play 2 player co-op; however, 2 players can play in Coliseum Mode. The game features Download Play, so only 1 copy is required for local play. Be sure to check out the interview below...

What is the basic story revolving around Triforce Heroes?

The story takes place in a world that is not Hyrule. It’s a kingdom that is sort of fashion-obsessed and in that kingdom, an event happens involving the princess of the kingdom –

Is her name Zelda?

No. The king, of course, wants to solve this problem so he puts a general call out to the kingdom for heroes to assemble, and who answers the call, but Link and that’s the beginning of your adventure.

Where is Triforce Heroes in the Zelda timeline?

That’s a tough question. The Zelda timeline is "complicated" and if you look at the history of Zelda you will see there are three branches. I can’t really designate which one of those branches we’re looking at, but as far as the design itself, we looked to Link Between Worlds. But it’s not – as far as a timeframe – it’s not before or after. We haven’t really settled on that.

Does it take place in the same universe or world as a Link Between Worlds?

With the history of Zelda we have these three parallel worlds. I can’t say which one it’s on/in at this point.


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