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Majora's Mask Advent Calendar

A Kickstarter has recently surfaced for a Majora's Mask themed Advent Calendar - as seen above. The author of the Kickstarter is asking for $7,500 in order to be able to create the calendars and secure spots at different conventions to showcase them. The calendars feature various "mask tokens" as well as a board featuring Termina - the map from the game. For those unaware of what an Advent Calendar is - it is a special calendar used to count down the days left until Christmas; however, it could also be used to count down the days until any event of your choosing. At the time of writing - the Kickstarter has already reached $1,291 and has 22 days to go. Are you in need of something like this? Well, head over to Kickstarter to help fund the project! You could even get a calendar in return for your support!

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