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In a recent interview with IGN, Eiji Aonuma mentioned how The Wind Waker HD's open-world environment gave the player the ability to explore and enjoy the game at their own pace and how he would enjoy putting such a world into future Zelda games such as Zelda Wii U. Full quotes from Aonuma after the break...

"Well, as you know, Wind Waker really takes the biggest look at Hyrule. It has the biggest world of all the games in the Zelda series, and players are able to move around it freely – crossing the oceans, riding in the boat, " Aonuma said. "That free movement is something we've come to know. Now, as an open world environment, I consider this game to be included in that whole open world type of game."

"In addition, I think it's something that I'd like to be able to implement in other games moving forward. Again, just the idea of giving players the freedom to move about and have an enjoyable experience is definitely something I'm keeping in mind when looking at new development, "

"[The player is] always discovering new things within that world, rather than just wandering around a physically large area, " he said. "That's something I want to continue doing in development going forward – creating that environment where [they] can go explore and find new and interesting things."

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