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Eiji Anouma recently sat down with 4Gamer to discuss the Zelda series and spoke about the next console version releasing on the Wii U. Zelda Wii U information is being announced at E3 2014; however, we have a small bit of information for you right now - Aonuma mentioned that the Wii U title will "utilize" the GamePad to the "fullest" - the develop team was limited with The Wind Waker HD due to it being a "remake" but that limit does not exist for a new title. Check out full quotes after the break...

4Gamer: How is the new Wii U title coming along?

Eiji Aonuma: Of course it's moving along. We also have to reflect on what we did with Wind Waker for our next title. Since Wind Waker HD was a remake, there were limits to what we could do with the Wii U GamePad, but for a new title, we can utilize it to the fullest.

4Gamer: So people who have played Wind Waker HD can expect some of those elements to carry over onto the next game.

Eiji Aonuma: I believe so. For example, on the Wii U GamePad, you have a map display on the screen. This map isn't just for the sea, it's also for other locations as well. We will reflect on these sort of things for a new game.


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