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Our friends over at iNintendo have taken the time to write an article discussing the complaints people had with Zelda: Twilight Princess. Take a look at the excerpt below...

The main complaint pundits have with Twilight Princess is that it's too similar to Ocarina of Time, which is weird considering the outcry for another Zelda title similar to the Nintendo 64 masterpiece. Every Zelda game makes use of the theme of three: three pieces to the Triforce, three dungeons before a major plot change, etc. More than any other Zelda game, Twilight Princess was criticized for continuing the tradition. It seems pretty fickle, to be honest, since Twilight Princess does so many other things well '€“ and, conversely, not so well.

A legitimate complaint of Twilight Princess fewer fans make is that the world, while quite large, is empty. Hyrule Field is fun to ride around in while on horseback, but like the Great Sea in The Wind Waker, there aren't many enemies. At least The Wind Waker had islands to explore, while Twilight Princess only had three total inhabited areas, not counting the small areas that the Gorons and Zoras live in.

While I personally thought Twilight Princess was a fantastic game, it was not nearly as good as Zelda: Skyward Sword. So what do you think? Was Twilight Princess a bad game?

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