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First4Figures are the people that make the statues for the Zelda games. The new lines are based on Twilight Princess. This is Zelda Universe's exclusive information:

"Here's the exclusive info:

1) Zant is the first in our TP line. He's 1/4 scale, which means he is 21 inches tall from the top of his helmet to the bottom. He comes with real cloth as well. Our TP line will all be 1/4 scale.
2) There are 2 versions of him - the regular version which is the regular helmet with a detachable tongue which reveals the mouth behind it. The exclusive version will be only available from and will come with a change-o-head where he is unmasked.
3) These will be MUCH more limited than our previous LoZ statues.
4) This is a new line, so that means new low numbers to be given on a first come first served basis and as usual, collectors can keep that same number for the rest in the series."

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