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Well, as many of you know, there have been a few annoying sidekicks throughout the Zelda franchise. They include: Navi, Midna, Tatl, Ezlo, and Ciela. We all have come to either love or hate them. They, however, did come in useful at first but later on became rather annoying. Navi saying "Hey" all the time got to be pretty annoying and you can bet that several people would probably yell at the T.V. to try to get her to be quite; but will the next one be downright annoying as well?

Navi, being probably the most annoying, is just the one the most people know about. The history of annoying sidekicks does not just span from Ocarina of Times fame though. Each sidekick got to be annoying in their own ways. These irritating additions within the series should be more like Midna and Ezlo and be useful throughout most of the game.

However, many of these companions had nothing to provide but some enemy information that was sometimes useful and most of the time it was just repetitive. This repetitiveness made the partners annoying to most of us. The constant noises and shouts we received from them was, most times, not needed or wanted.

This history leads us to believe that the next one will be somewhat annoying as well. We can all just wait and see where Nintendo will take us in terms of irritating, annoying, and repetitive sidekicks. Whether it is going to be the Phantom, in Spirit Tracks, or the mysterious Zora, in the Zelda Wii concept art, is not known at this time.

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