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Why are Bottles so Scarce in Zelda Games?

Skyward Sword Bottle

Bottles are a staple in the Zelda games and many may wonder just why they are so scarce. There are normally around 4-5 bottles in any game of the series and finding them can sometimes be tedious. They are something that has the power to turn the tide of battle if used properly. In a recent interview - Eiji Aonuma was questioned regarding why bottles are not more plentiful in the games. Check out the full quotes after the break...

GI: Why are bottles so hard to find in the Zelda universe? Is there a shortage of glass?

EA: As it turns out, in this remade version of Majora’s Mask, we added one extra bottle. If you happen to collect all of them, you’re going to see a slightly interesting event. It certainly is true that they were hard to find in the original games, and we wanted to address that by giving people more chances to find bottles by adding this extra one.

Regarding the bottles themselves being very valuable? I suppose it’s true since they can hold so many different things it makes it possible for you to do more in the game. They do have a very precious existence, from that perspective. As to why there are so few, I would simply say it has to be that way based on how powerful they are in the game.


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