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GamePad to be Used for Transportation in Zelda Wii U

Screenshot of The Wind Waker HD

In a recent interview with IGN - we learned about a feature in Zelda Wii U being the use of the Wii U GamePad for the means of transportation similar to The Wind Waker HD where the GamePad acts like a GPS for the player to know where they are going. Details are slowly leaking out about Zelda Wii U and we will be sure to bring them to you whenever they surface. Check out full quotes from Aonuma after the break.

"For example, in Wind Waker, we're using the GamePad to travel around in the boat, using it almost like a GPS controller. I really want to take that mechanic and implement it in the Wii U game, " Aonuma explained. "I'm not saying that we're going to be in a boat, but we're going to be traveling around in the adventure. I think the GamePad is something that can allow us to make that as smooth and enjoyable an experience for the end user as possible."

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