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Legend of Zelda is Not Annual Due to Keeping the Quality High

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Shacknews recently reported an interview they had with Zelda game producer Eiji Aonuma - they spoke about releasing Zelda games on a more frequent level. According to Aonuma - Zelda isn't an annual release due to keeping the quality of the game high. Make sure to check out the full quotes after the break...

"Ocarina of Time was the first 3D Zelda game. When you make a 3D game, you have all these 3D models. But in a 2D game, you're drawing all these 2D images. Even if you wanted to make another game right away, if the background is different, you actually end up having to re-draw everything. But in a 3D game, you can put those 3D models in different backgrounds and animate them. So Mr. Miyamoto thought 'well, actually shouldn't this make it easier for us to make a sequel? (referring to Majora's Mask)'

I think before, we did maybe try to make Zelda games come out faster. But there's so much expected of Zelda titles now, so you have to reach a certain level of quality, so that's why we started to take a bit more time now. I don't think it's necessary that development needs to be longer. But to reach a certain level of quality, there's just a certain amount of time that's needed. Obviously, the company is telling me that I need to put games out as quickly as possible.

It's not like we feel like we have a duty to get one out a year. Right now, we're able to split ourselves between the handheld and console games and have two teams. I think we're pretty efficient in getting games out on a regular interval."

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